Spa Esprit’s Essential Oils Workshop: Heal Yourself With Essential Oils **Sample Provided**


As most of us would know, tucked away in Dempsey is the wonderful world called Beauty Emporium that houses Spa Esprit 🙂

I was one of the lucky bloggers who was invited to The Power Of Scent Workshop that gave insights on proven health and other benefits of using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (a.k.a The Best) essential oils AND the harm fake ones (yes, there are fake essential oils..who knew?) might do to you.

Dont we look like a scene in a lecture theatre? We had a handful of notes man 🙂


Firstly, here are some fun facts on essential oils 🙂

1. It can be extracted by steam, distilled or cold-pressed extraction

2. Everyone’s usual assumption is that essential oils are used for 1 purpose – AROMATHERAPY as it has natural aromatic compounds found in plants

3. That is not its only can be aromatic, topical( best applied on the feet) or consumed

4.and the heat from the candle actually changes the chemical compounds in the you do not really get the best out of them.

5. 50 to 70x more powerful than herbs because it is VERY CONCENTRATED

e.g. 1 drop of peppermint essential oil = to drinking 24 cups of peppermint tea!


Why do people shy away from using natural herbal methods like essential oils to heal themselves?

People do not have the knowledge to empower themselves to help themselves heal.


Why does it work well for humans to use CPTG essential oils instead of prescribed drugs?



1. Our forefathers used oils that came from plants without modern technology, they came out fine 🙂

2.The plants’ of today have gone through the same environment as humans. So what is found in the oils are the benefits of the plant’s immune system.

3. Powerful safe benefits without side effects

4. They kill viruses and bacteria..Doctors cannot give you any drug that is anti-viral

5. Anti-biotics cant penetrate the cell membrane but essential oils can.

6. Essential oils are good for prevention but like most medicines, a cure does not happen overnight.


doTERRA essential oils were provided for the workshop and they were safe enough to consume and they are beyond organic.

Beyond organic because all the plants, herbs, fruits and etc are sourced from the indegenous location it should be grown e.g. Lavender – France.

Now for the fun stuff we did at the workshop…..I made my own Anti-Cellulite Shower Gel!!!


hahahaahha what….you know how concentrated it is or not? It will zap zap everything away man. and they gave us this helpful cheat sheet to know which oils blend well according to their scents.

To have a perfect blend, I need a top, middle and base scent.



My concoction has Grapefruit (attacks the cellulite) so I put alot of this oil, Sandalwood, Geranium (smells like rose), Wild Orange and Citrus Bliss. The scent is so energetic and it does last longer than your average shower gels.

And guess what…..I am giving 1x Bottle away!!! 

Do you want your cellulite to go away? Do  you want to feel fresh in the morning and be energetic?

Then this shower gel is for you!!! Just comment that you want the Anti-Cellulite Shower Gel and it is yours!!

8 Responses to “Spa Esprit’s Essential Oils Workshop: Heal Yourself With Essential Oils **Sample Provided**”
  1. Nia Nasyitah says:

    I want the Anti-Cellulite Shower Gel please! XD

  2. Nia Nasyitah says:

    hi Ms Patterson! i noticed that you sent me an email but my hotmail just decided not to allow me to open anything. So sorry! could you resend it to this email instead? sorry for your troubles again and thanks a lot!

  3. Nia Nasyitah says:

    oh okok sorry again! i finally managed to open it Xp

  4. Sandy says:

    Peppermint is, in my opinion, the best for sharpening your awareness. If depressed, any of the citrus (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, tangerine) oils can lift you out of your funk.

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