Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show: Ham And Cheese Crepes

Welcome Back To Ze Another Epizode Of Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show *kiss kiss*

Today’s meal is ze very easy peasy you know..Ham and Cheese Crepes 😉

What you will need:

1. Mixed Ham

2. Mozarella Cheese

3. Crepes (Your chef she is ze very lazy and tired so she bought ze ready-made from Giant)


Step 1 – Heat up ze crepe in ze pan (no need oil yes? unless u want ze soggy crepe since it’s so thin)

Step 2 – Put ze cheese and ze ham

Step 3 – Roll ze crepe up and put the finished crepe in ze microwave oven.

And you can stop ze laughing..this is a Anyhow Cooking Show so your chef is lazy with ze presentation. What is key here is ze TASTE 🙂

See ze cheese that is ze ooosing from being microwaved :))))



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