Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show: Ginseng Chicken Tonic/Soup

Ahhhh you are sooo lucky…ONE MORE EPISODE FOR YOU TODAY 🙂

Welcome back to Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show – Ginseng Chicken Tonic/Soup. Dont ze tastes better than it sounds 🙂

Step 1: Buy this tonic kit from ze Giant yes? They already packed it for easy peasy.

Step 2: You better follow the is ze tonic.

Step 3: So after you ze bring ze pot to a throw everything in yes?

Remember: Ze tonic/soup tastes better in ceramic or ze glass pot

Also, just let you know, it comes with this funny thing below. But do not worry, it is ze herbs and spices.

Step 4: You throw ze chicken in..For this, I used 2x chicken with ze bone (more flavour) and 1x chicken breast.

Step 5: Boil for 2-3 hours..slow boil yes? No need for some speedy speedy business..and do not cover. I covered it and it over-flowed 😦


Ooohhh la la…Enjoy 🙂


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