How To Have A Body Like Nicole Scherzinger: Workout And Diet

Oh god…this woman is 9 years older than  me and is putting me to shame. Who else but none other than Nicole Scherzinger. Who doesnt wanna look like her?!

Nicole Scherzinger Diet Plan

According to, she burned a lot of calories while she was in Dancing with the Stars. Dancing is a good workout.

Nicole changed her diet plan by adding more healthy snacks to it. She said:

I snack on apples and peanut butter or KashiGoLean Crunchy Chocolate Almond bars.

In the time when Scherzinger isn’t on the Dancing with the Stars show and she needs to slim down quickly, she avoids the late night eatingsas well as cut carbohydrates, dairy, and salt from her diet plan. Nicole is able to keep her diet on track more easy and to avoid overeating at meals by the eating of healthy snacks during the day.

Nicole Scherzinger Work Out

There is a Pussycat Dolls workout video man..

But specifically to Nicole..

1. Jogging

When she was in Hawaii, shares that she swapped rest and relaxation for an intense morning of outdoor exercise. The singer impressed onlookers with a series of stretches before hitting the pavement for a jog. That same day, she hit the beach for a swim.

2.Lower body workout
Here is the lower body work out Nicole does credits her toned legs to according to
The Froggy – works butt and legs, need balance ball and 12-15 reps


Lie facedown with your hips centered on a stability ball and hands on the ground in front of you, elbows slightly bent. Bend knees and press soles of feet together.


Lift legs until thighs are parallel to the ground. Lower legs and repeat.

Lunge Chop – works butt, core, legs and arms, need medicine ball, 12-15 reps


Hold a kettlebell over right shoulder, left hand over right and elbows pointing forward. Stand with left foot in front of right, knees slightly bent and right heel lifted.


Bend knees deeper (until left thigh is parallel to the ground) as you rotate shoulders to the left and lower kettlebell to outside of left hip. Straighten legs as you raise kettlebell to starting position; repeat. Switch sides to complete set.

Touch down – works butt and legs, need  free weights, 12-15 reps


Hold a kettlebell in right hand in front of right thigh and stand with weight on left foot, right knee bent and toes on the ground behind you.


Bend left knee and lift right leg as you bend forward, lowering kettlebell toward the ground. Rise up; repeat. Switch sides to complete set

Ball Slam – works the butt, core and legs, need medicine ball and 12-15 reps


Hold a weighted ball with both hands overhead and stand with feet wide, elbows and knees slightly bent.


Squat deep as you throw ball down on the ground in front of you. Pick up the ball, return to starting position, and repeat.

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