Super Weekends: Partyin’ Like The Old Days

The same lot but now Peasies is taking the pic for Cherm

My last 2 weekends were CRAZY. I havent gone out like that in a while..

Weekend 1

My first nutcase weekend was at China One with Dawn, Melissa and Charmaine.

Melissa and Dawn

Charmaine and Me

There was a pretty good Whiskey promo so we started our night with a bottle and….we found Superman 🙂

We ended up at Butter and then to Zouk to “look” for Dawn’s friends.Haha we neve found them to be honest..Time we reached home was 4am.

Weekend 2

This isnt a weekend but it felt like one since Vesak Day was on Tuesday. My partying started on Monday with my uni groupmates 🙂

What better way to catch up over Sheesha, Hummus and Karaoke..

Janine and Joyce

Reka and Jocelyn

We headed to the KBox at Cineleisure and found a pissed drunk butch sitting at the edge of the road at 11.30pm. Naturally, Singaporeans would leave drunkards be but she was completely comatose man.

As we walked towards her, she completely collapsed on the road with her head hanging out towards oncoming traffic. Joce stood near her head to warn the drivers whilst Janine and I went to get a security guard.

Would you believe it – the security guard inside Cine said “Shes on the road? The road is not part of Cineileisure nevermind, it is okay.”

Yes ah my friends..our local security guards. We convinced him to help her but he just told another security guard who used his walkie-talkie to wake her up.

We did what we could so went on to KARAOKE!

On Saturday, a bunch of us met at Blooie’s in Siglap for what was suppose to be a chilled night with some drinks.

Just wore shorts, slippers and a top…..talking about how many times a female can orgasm within 4 hours.

Apparently, the topic started because one of our friends was told that her friend managed to achieve 16 in 4 hours?! I am a skeptic is that possible o.0

The conversation was epic, it became a global chat with the rest studying overseas. In the end, hahaha it was deemed possible under the theory that orgasms through breast stimulation counted.

Thought the night ended there? It was 1am I think by the time we left. 

We decided, the night was still young..and ended up at Chijmes.

Melissa, Odilia, Me, Rachel P

The same lot but now Peasies is taking the pic for Cherm

The same lot..but now we have Cherm 🙂


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