An Evening Of Beauty Indulgence With Murad’s New Hybrid Collection


Dr Howard Murad started out as a dermatalogist and changed the fields of skincare. His discoveries of Science of Cellular Water™, medical spas and Esthetic AHA formulations has made him widely acknowledged and now, he introduces the new Hybrid collection.

What are Hybrids?

Hybrids are high performance treatments specifically formulated to improve skin health blended with a skin perfecting cosmetic to disguise flaws. This new, innovative line from Murad features two eye treatments designed to firm, brighten and conceal as well as two skin perfecting primers to minimize pores, in a dewy and a matte finish.

Hybrids offer the best blend of advanced skin treatment technologies and premium cosmetics. This unique combination gives these 2-in-1 problem solvers the power to let you simultaneously treat and mask your skin concerns.

Hybrid Skin Perfecting Primers feature Pore  Factor-5 which minimizes the appearance of pores as it balances oil  production.  They both have one shade only which will blend out to suit the colour of your skin.

The Matte Finish

I really like it. I have oily skin so the powder finish really helps to control the shine. I used it at 8am and it lasted for 4-5 hours. Good for clubbing.

The Dewy Finish

If you have dry or dehydrated skin, this option is for you. It also gives a glow to the skin with the light-enhancing minerals.

Hybrid Eye Lifts include 5x Firming Technology to visibly lift; Re-Luminate Complex to provide both dark circle reduction and the Smart Moisture System to hydrate and depuff.

The Eyelift Illuminator

Okay, I must say this one didnt have much of an effect on me. It is suppose to brighten but I guess it would be good for those who do not have dark circles., with just dull skin.

The Eyelift Perfector

It has a natural tint and acts as a concealer.

The Launch Party

To mark the launch of the new line, Murad invited bloggers for a night of pure beauty indulgence at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Trust me, it was actually quite hard to find if you are not familiar with the area. I mean, who puts a tiny sign like this in the corner..Marina Square does :

But anyway when I got there, there was the usual registration with everyone signing off on the board.

Meet Suki – my Murad skincare consultant and she kept me company throughout the whole reception time till the event started 🙂

Vice President, Jeff Murad, shared about the brand and the new Hyprid products like I shared above.

They have also provied a great dinner or us 🙂 By now, I am starving!! Went for thirds man..

Guess What?

Because I love you guys, HelloMissPatterson is giving away a full sample kit for you to try!

Just leave a comment on this post saying “I want to sample the Murad Hybrid and Skincare Products”

Buy the Murad products from the following outlets:

  • BHG Bugis
  • Metro Paragon
  • Robinson Centre Point
  • TARA apothecary
  • Sephora
4 Responses to “An Evening Of Beauty Indulgence With Murad’s New Hybrid Collection”
  1. Cheryl says:

    I want to sample the Murad Hybrid and Skincare Products!!

  2. Sandra Tan says:

    Hey am I too late to get the sample?

    I want to sample the Murad Hybrid and Skincare Products. Let me know 🙂

  3. Rola says:

    I am trying Murad Resugence products and loving everything. Thanks for sharing the products in the post, I am interested in trying some of the products you mentioned.

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