The Trip To Villa Francis (Home For The Aged): Dont Forget About Them

To those of you who donated the Dove soap refills – thanks again for your support!!

On Sat 14/05/11, I followed my mother and her friends to Villa Francis to deliver the donations and to provide entertainment for their birthday party held that day.

The trip there was soo long but expected – Mandai. It is so sad though that these residents hardly have any visitors due to the location.

I even found a relative there – my grandma’s cousin, the one with the groovy shades 🙂

She told me so many stories of my grandma and of her missionary work as a nun.

When it’s their birthday, the nursing staff will perform and throw a party each month for the residents celebrating their birthdays that month.

My mom’s friends were there to provide music and dancing. I think it is damn cute that they would come together and organize these things.

Check out the video 🙂

We made some friends along the way 🙂

We were talking to some of them and the ones who were not keen on particpating were upset by the entertainment. It made them miss their families more and they were upset why couldnt their families do this for them.

The Sad Truth

We have managed to received donations of up to 79 x Dove refills. The home was very grateful because it will provide soap for the residents for a month. Yup…all that soap to last one month.

The manager shared that the 160 residents use up to 15 litres a week. And although they receive food donations, they sometimes do have excess in food. What they do need now is Dove soap or cash donations for them to go and buy it themselves.

You Can Do Your Part Too..Help Them

If you want to find out more about Villa Francis – Home For The Aged, click here.

To find out how you can help the neglected elderly in Villa Francis, click here.


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