I Can Be Fabulous In A Size 12

I went for an event recently and I saw so many STICK THIN girls walking around this place.

There was food at the event by the way – a gorgeous full spread buffet that provided juicy tenderloin steak, lean chicken with mushrooms in cream sauce, seafood salads, pasta..the works basically.

Why was I one of the few who went back for seconds?

I can still burn off the pounds at the gym if I wanted to and still maintain my size 10.

Our perception of beauty is so warped now, prompting girls to eat much less in order to be a size 4-6. If you are naturally skinny, you’re one of the lucky ones but at least these people generally do eat healthily.

If the skinny girl sounds like you, a research done by St Andrew’s University will sway your thinking.

Click on this link: Why men will ALWAYS pick ‘curvy’ Scarlett Johansson over ‘size zero’ Victoria Beckham.

And lastly my friends, this post is in dedication to the so-called “bigger girls”…but are they really? Take a look and tell me they do not look fabulous.

The classic example of Marilyn Monroe – Size 12.

Image Courtesy of Platoscave.asia

The woman has thighs, a slightly rounded stomach..but is she fat?

Image Courtesy of Allposters.com

And tell me – is she not sexy?

Image Courtesy of Pollsby.com

Jessica Alba – Dress Size Unknown but..she is rounded up to 60kg.

Ohhhh yeah…I shit you not. She is actually 57kg but honestly, YOU TELL ME MY FRIENDS…is she not rocking it?

Girls here are dying to be between 40-50kg..what’s wrong with 55-60kg? From the looks of Jessica…nothing 🙂

Image Courtesy of Screensavers.lookoutsoft.net

Image Courtesy of QuickTiger.net

And..there is nothing wrong with cellulite. We all have them, even Jessica Alba who is also human.

Image Courtesy of Popcrunch.com

And who can be curvier than Jennifer Lopez – Size 10?

Image courtesy of Mirror.co.uk

At least she can still work this bodysuit at American Idol 🙂

Image from LifeAndGossip.com

She doesn’t need to be stick thin to be sexy.

Image from BodyCelebrity.blogspot.com

Kim Kardasian – claims to be a size 2 -_- and is 53kg.

Ummm..i dont believe she is size 2 okay but 53kg I believe.

Image Courtesy of Nowloss.com

Image Courtesy of Porhomme.com

2 Responses to “I Can Be Fabulous In A Size 12”
  1. Album Cover Image Courtesy of EpicAlthough the guilty feet have got no rhythm concept and the blaringly cheesy break in this tune have always set my teeth on edge theres no denying this song gave audiences their first glimpse of George Michael as the consummate pop craftsman. Single Cover Image Courtesy of EpicSome may disagree but to my mind this tune from 1984s Make It Big is Wham!

  2. Sharithstar says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Its perfectly alright to weight between 50-60kg! 🙂

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