The Search For Dove Soap: Simple To Buy, Not Simple To Sponsor

Villa Francis is an old folks home located at Mandai that hardly receives any visitors because of its location. My mom goes there with her church friends to spend some time with them occasionally.

(Damn cute la, this group of women chartering a bus and all to go there.)

Recently, they contacted her because they are unable to receive donations of Dove soap anymore for the residents.

They use Dove soap for their dry skin and also to save money from buying soap AND moisturizer for the residents.

Without the regular donations, 160 residents will not be able to bathe with soap once the current soaps run out.

Think about it – it is just soap. Something so basic in your bathroom that you dont need to think twice about getting it. My mom sends me a flurry of messages man about this issue and how she is so upset that she cannot get anyone to donate or sponsor some dove soap.

Anto, being the way she is, couldnt believe it would it be that hard so she called up some distributers asking if they can give their old stock or unwanted stock.

Let’s get one thing clear – if you have no clue like me, the first thing is that you are not a big charity. You will not get donations or sponsorships. Companies want tax exemption which we cannot provide. Unless you have some connections, you are most likely NOT getting anything for free.

So what do we do now? 160 residents, abandoned as they are, are denied of SOAP. My mom and I decided to rough it out and get soap on our own, from our own money and from asking our friends.

We found that the cheapest Dove soap around is the refill at Venus Beauty ($4.90) and we bought them out everytime the stock came in these past 2 weeks. 1x Dove refill is cheaper than a value meal at Mcdonalds.

I managed to gather my darling friends who were so nice to donate a total of 48 Dove refills. They transferred to me the $$ so I went to go buy more soap today.

First, I went to Tanjong Pagar’s “Venus Beauty” during lunch. Venus Beauty there is a beauty I wasted my lunch on that trip. Then, I went to Chinatown and I managed to get 16 refills..

16 refills to carry my friends is no joke. I had to go home by cab cos I really couldnt carry it but THIS MAD FELLA kept speeding the whole way home:

He kept changing lanes at 100-120 km/h. In fact, his speed was constantly between 90-120km/h, he didnt check his blindspot when changing lanes…..I prayed for my life in that cab today 0.0

Why am I writing this post?

  • I am appalled at how we are a first world country (let’s face it, do we look like any other world?) but we cant provide our elderly soap.
  • I am annoyed at how hard it is to get sponsorships
  • I am thankful for friends and family who were willing to “donate a value meal” and more to help these residents
  • I want to convince YOU to donate your value meal to help them too

It is only $4.90. It will not buy you cigartttes, it will not buy that Gucci bag but it will help them have a basic necessity.

You can make a private donation at Villa Francis itself  OR you can buy a Dove refill, bar soap or body wash, I can come and collect it and send for you.

I hope you will help 🙂

One Response to “The Search For Dove Soap: Simple To Buy, Not Simple To Sponsor”
  1. Lucy Pereira says:

    Hi Patterson,

    Thank you for your help. We received 79 refils from your friends and 20 -22 with pump from our church Lectors, plus 2 bottles with pump from by brother (I was told these quantiy is about how much they use for the residents at Villa Francis Homw For The Aged. at 9 Mandai Estate. , Singapore 729906, Tel no: 6269 2877, fax no: 63684505,
    website : and person incharge is Mr. Sam Lim

    These old residents need LOVE and CARE. They are always very happy and greatfull when someone comes to visit them, you can play simple games like cards with them, art and craft work, drawing, painting or sing and dance for them and they will move they arms or clap their hands etc. SO COME ONE PEOPLE, Do good to others and GOOD THINGS COME BACK TO YOU WITH GOD’S BLESSING!!! Thank you for reading this.
    Lucia Pereira

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