Happy Mother’s Day 2011 :)

Now that my mom has become a Facbook addict, every event I MUST take photos for her so she can splash all over Facebook.

Hahah not like I wouldn’t, some more it is Mother’s Day today and all but anyway…Wishing all you mothers out there


I actually told my mom months earlier – “Since I accidently had to pay for your Challenger membership, that is your mother’s day present”. Hehehe she flipped man but I am not that mean okay, I brought her for a good teppanyaki dinner.

My youngest cousin and I decorated cakes for our mothers..our rather, her mom did the writing, she added the swirl hard candies 🙂

This was my cake :))

Then, we went for Sakae Teppanyaki at Century Square.

We had to queue up for 30 mins (it’s a given – Mother’s Day) but the service staff really cannot handle large crowds. They forgot a few things from our set meal, at dinner time they ran out of some items and they gave me a spoon with food stuck on it.

Nightmare man and after 30 more minutes…the first dish arrives:

..at least my mom enjoyed herself 🙂

One Response to “Happy Mother’s Day 2011 :)”
  1. Firstly Happy Mother’s Day And I Miss My Mom Today And Second Thing The Cakes Ans all Dishes Looking Very Yummy. decorated cakes singapore

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