Tried & Tested: Love The Sun With Sunplay’s Super Block And Body Mist

We’re any of you guys, as kids, forced to wear sunblock almost everyday? I was one such kid. It lasted for a couple of months when I was in Primary school because my mom was so scared I would get dark.

You just imagine –  afternoon session in school, this nerdy girl walks into the assembly area smelling very strongly of coconut. Back in the day, the sunblock lotions were white, creamier, did not blend easily and was VERY OILY.

That was me.

Because of that, I haven’t used sunblock in a while. I rather tan 🙂

The oily, white thick lather is also my permanent perspective on sunblock lotions so I rather just use nothing when I am outdoors. It’s really horrid for the skin though – speeds up aging man.

Which is why, I have decided to do another experiment session for Tried & Tested my friends 🙂

Today’s sampling includes:

1. SUNPLAY SUPER BLOCK SPF130PA+++ (#1 Sunscreen in Watsons)
2. Sunplay UV BODY MIST 

SPF80 PA++

Just look at how small the Super Block is – palm size!

I got to say, I am quite impressed with Sunplay’s products, considering my current perspective.


  • It is still white.
  • It was actually not creamy at all. Very watery in fact ;to the point that it almost poured out from the bottle.

  • It blended well into my skin and was not oily.


SPF80 PA++

I really like the body mist. It is sooo easy to use and fuss-free :))))))))

Just spray it on, anywhere on your body exposed to the sun and you are done!

Freshly sprayed

After a few secs..

But I know what everyone’s real question is – does the high SPF really protect you?

To me, I know I am darker when I have a tanline. In the past few days that I have used it in this scorching heat, I dont have one so I believe it does work.

Samples Time!!!

Receive a travel size SUNPLAY SUPER BLOCK SPF130PA+++ for FREE!!

Go to the Sunplay Fan page link to claim your FOC samples:!/pages/Sunplay-sg/190646420957233


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