Make Your Own Time-Capsule Necklace

This project was purely coincidental.

I was cleaning up my room and I had soo much stuff man. I had accessories that dated back to 1995; given to me by my friends e.g. Friendship accessories? You know what I mean.

They had such sentimental value to me still though!!! So.. I decided instead of giving them away, I would bunch them up together so I could still wear them out.

Okay it looks bad close-up but I love it! Each “pendant” has a story to tell 🙂

Basket, I can already feel some pent-up laughter following this image. Take a trip back in time to my first few accessories:

1995 – Ally gave me this Anto Heart Pendant when she came back from Batam (..or was it Bintan?). Ally is the sweetest..she would always buy back random things like this for me 🙂

1996 – I bought this mood pendant from my first trip to LA Disneyland. Doesn’t work anymore obviously but I liked Jasmine 🙂

Do you remember necklaces or key chains that had your name on them? They sold it in bookshops?

They NEVER had my name so I got this done in LA Disneyland too.

1999 – I was a Brownie…and I KNOW some of you “cool people” were in it too. Stop snickering know who you are.

2000 – first few rings from……………………………..wait for it……………….. Montip. Who remembers?!

2001-2002: I was in a cat phase

2006 – Audrey studied in Spain for 3 months. She got me this when she got back 🙂 sentimental I am.

Give it a shot and make your own! It might end up looking pretty good and you even don’t have to buy new accessories.

3 Responses to “Make Your Own Time-Capsule Necklace”
  1. cherry says:

    I was a gnome, and my mom was brownie leader x\

  2. Rachel Tan says:

    I like this post…. montip! haha yeah

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