Tried And Tested: Vichy’s New Aera Mineral BB Cream

I’m such a sucker for Vichy products..especially when they give out  samples for testing 😉

Today’s lucky sample is…The Aera Mineral BB cream.

I actually haven’t used a BB cream before but I heard a lot of buzz about how it’s the perfect combination of moisturizer, foundation, concealer etc.

Must be good since Vichy jumped on the bandwagon to give it a try as well..making it in mineral form and gentle enough of sensitive blemish-prone skin *perk*


The Good Stuff

  • It’s light
  • Feels powdery once applied
  • Good as a make up base
  • Average coverage – good to use as a quick-fix when going somewhere nearby
  • Sensitive-skin isn’t irritated
  • Blemished-prone skin isn’t irritated

The Bad Stuff

  • Not suitable for tanned individuals (1 shade only)

I look like one ghost man..why must they only have 1 shade?! They said it would blend into your natural skin tone but I dont think so.

  • Average coverage – yes average coverage is good and bad for me. I still need to apply powder to set it in
  • Didn’t perform the role of concealer very well, spots can still be seen

I dont know man..I, personally, don’t think this product is catered to everyone.

If you’re fair-medium skin tone with normal- sensitive skin, you can use it.  However, if you do have scars and blemishes, be prepared to apply more concealer and powder.

After using it from today morning-late afternoon, I still look a bit pale. I wouldn’t recommend tanned individuals to use it on its own.

You will look pale as it doesn’t blend out much to match your skin tone. Use it as a make-up base instead.

3 Responses to “Tried And Tested: Vichy’s New Aera Mineral BB Cream”
  1. Great haul.. Yeah they definitely need more than 1 shade lol. I’m having a make up give away on my blog if you’re at all interested in products from sephora 😉

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