Quickie Post: Samantha Who? Just Ignore The Holland Village Brat

Okay by now, most of us have heard about this “Samantha” from Holland Village who criticized Singaporean heartlanders for coming to her so-called “upscale Holland Village” in shorts and slippers.

If not, you can hear the whole radio ranting by her in the video below:

Big deal la honestly..I really don’t understand this woman. Our climate is tropical, hence the heat, so..we just wear less.

She just sounds like a spoilt child throwing a tantrum. She obviously has never noticed that even in Orchard Road  and its residences (more upscale than Holland Village) – people do wear shorts and slippers too.

Best part – Singaporeans formed a new holiday called “Singlets, Shorts and Slippers Day” and went around the Holland Village coffee shops wearing that attire last week.

She was even featured as a spoof on the Noose (which was damn funny):

I think Singaporeans should stop feeding the brat and just pacify her. I think the holiday was an attempt to pacify her but ignoring her would just be better.

**Featured image courtesy of Yahoo! News.


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