Photo Overload: A Noob’s View Of Sydney And Melbourne 2011 (Part 1)

I am so sad my trip has ended…I DIDN’T WANNA COME BACK 😦

17 days of seeing my family, friends studying in Australia, food and shopping…and Audrey even came up last minute to spend the holiday with me. I would seriously do it all again (especially the $5 clearance Supre sale). 

Ready for the photo overload? I warn you – you think I am a tourist in my own country you just imagine me being an actual tourist overseas? First time to Australia even..NOOB 0.0

Hint: More than 100 photos..and they are worth every look. Let us begin this wonderful journey by scrolling down..

DAY 1 – Head To The Foreign Land

 My mom was so excited..her first trip outside Asia since I was 9 years old balls.


My fave part of taking planes – the food. Qantas fed us pretty well I must say..the service was alright too.


Day 2 – The Suburbia Adventure

I stayed in the suburbs of Thornleigh which, by train in Singapore, is like from Tampines to Jurong.

The Backyard Breakfast

Damn this wretched hill..

The prize at the end of the hill…..WOOLWORTHS SUPERMARKET 🙂

What doesnt Sydney have??

The MOTHER of all energy drinks

Time for lunch 🙂

Mel arrived today 🙂 

Went to meet her and Ally for some sight-seeing..and I ended up sleeping over at Ally’s place in Surry Hills (The Bugis Street of Sydney)

Day 3 – The Hen Night

 One of the main reasons I am here is for my cousin’s wedding and tonight is the Salsa Cruise Hen Night Party.

Where The Bride and Groom First Met


Too close..a little to close


Day 4 – The Bondi Market Attempt and A Grand Dinner @ The In-Laws


The death of my $1 bag 😦


Look at Ally..Now Look at the HALF-RIBS

Mr Cool

People were actually swimming at Bondi Beach but we were this cold:

Yes ah..OMG this was our dinner table at my cousin’s in-law’s house, complete with a real fireplace.

Berry Merengue for Dessert


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