I Miss My 17 Year Old Body

This post is to make myself feel better.

I know this is a bad photo (I was asked to pose like this..believe it or not) but…the focus is on my stomach.

My mom made me do one of those portrait photo shoots for fun. Luckily she did cos this is the only photo I have to prove I once had abs.

WHAT HAPPENED? :(((((((( I’ll tell you what happened..

17 years old

  • I had two CCAs -Dance and cheerleading. Both done nationally so a lot of practices
  • I still had PE once a week
  • I had nothing else better to do but go for night-cycling with the girls every other day during the holidays
  • If I worked then, it was something more physical e.g. waitress, events etc
  • My metabolism was sky high

23 years old

  • Had to join a gym (hardly went)
  • In advertising industry – reason for hardly going to the gym
  • Worked in the office (I sit all the time)
  • I had night school – reason for hardly going to the gym
  • I have driving lessons now (at night too) – reason for hardly going to the gym
  • When the weekend comes, I just wanna sleep or go for a few drinks
  • My metabolism took a turn for the worse

I need to do something physically exhausting to get me into that shape again, but something that I enjoy.

And not lose that much weight on the boobs and face. I looked like Skeletor last time man. Sunken cheeks and my waist could enter the Guiness World Records (not in a good way).


3 Responses to “I Miss My 17 Year Old Body”
  1. michelle says:

    you still look as beautiful babe!

  2. Lucy Pereira says:

    eazy, watch your diet. What ever input must also output lah!

    when you eat heavy then you must watch down with lime or lemon drink then drink lots of water.


    BEFORE You excercise ….yes you eat Carbo

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