Happy Valentine’s or Anti-Valentine’s Day

If you’re reading this, Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Hope you’re surrounded by your partner, friends or family today.

I used to turn it into “Anti-Valentine’s Day“. I just didn’t believe in it and found it very commercial. My presents backed then were decked out in black.

This picture below was me for my whole secondary/poly school life:

Can you feel the teenage angst?! It was so hard to get someone to celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day with me back then since everyone wanted presents from their boyfriends blah blah. Geeez..


Human Heart Cupcakes


But who really cares..

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Anti-Valentine’s Day, have a blast!

2 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s or Anti-Valentine’s Day”
  1. sueann! says:

    HAHAHA i love this post! if you wanna know, i’m anti-Vday too, even tho i’m attached, but it’s mostly cuz the commercialism/capitalism is at a nauseating peak during this day. nevertheless, may both of us have a great day with our other halves. (:

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