Christmas 2010 In A Nutshell

The holidays came by too fast man..FIRST Christmas came and NOW Chinese New Year has already gone by!

I had so much going on that I want to put will all just be in images.

Enjoy 🙂








Meet “Rookie” in his Santa outfit – complete with a belt.

Mom’s first time in a Porsche..she put on more lipstick to “play the part” of being in a Porsche 🙂

Mat and Pat’s Pre-Christmas Party

Pre- Christmas Dinner With The Canteen Table Clan Girls

Mom and Uncle after Xmas mass

Christmas Day – Smoking with Aunty Nancy at the Balcony

Eurasian food that comes out once a year – Devil Curry, Shepard’s Pie, Curry Fing etc


When The Beatles are out on Guitar Hero, make way for the older generation 🙂

Audrey’s Family Christmas Dinner

Day 2 – At The Kow Residence (one of the nicest houses I’ve ever seen)

Roy and his godparents.

Sarah’s Housewarming Party at night

Watch these:


Trevor’s Christmas Dinner – The boy can SERIOUSLY cook.


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