Brow Resurrection: Done it..Here’s What You Need To Know

Hello πŸ™‚

So..during the course of Xmas whilst Anto was shopping for her friends and family, she decided to remove all unwanted hair too during her breaks.

Hehe okay la, I am easily conned into buying things sometimes. What? I am like my mother – who is easily conned by those Israeli Dead Sea Salt people. One touch of the hand or a hug, she will buy your entire product range.

Now back to Anto.

So…my brow specialist was Tody at Browhaus Wheelock (LOOK FOR HER – SHE’S GOOD) and when I did threading, she told me about the 50% discount for Brow Resurrection. I had to do it la..have you seen my sparse eyebrows?!
Warning: I did this on a Tuesday..and it was “No Make-Up Day”

So this is what occured:


1. I got the $600+ net for brow resurrection from the promo

2. Made the initial down payment – $130 and decided to do the rest through installment (but I must commence treatment within next 2 months or it’s forfeited)

3. They accept OCBC and DBS/POSB credit cards for installment so wanted to use Audrey’s card since I only had my Manhattan card.


4. The day you start your treatment, your person with the credit card must be there to do first installment.

You can’t pay the first installment by cash, she MUST be there for them to swipe the card to register the first installment. If not, you will have to pay the FULL AMOUNT in cash like I had to.


5. They’ll brief you about the skin conditions not suitable (AFTER YOU BUY THE PRODUCT) so find out about the skin types not suitable first. If you have eczema or etc like me, it’s actually fine. I did it and I am still okay.

6. They will make you sign a contract that you have been “briefed” and they’re not held responsible blah me this is pointless la, you brief me after I buy it? I’m still gonna use know what I mean?

7.Tell your specialist your skin condition anyway cos the counter girl might be blur.

8. The specialist will draw the brows for you until it’s the desired shape you like..I like mine natural and not thin.

9. Once done, numbing cream is applied and your brows are wrapped with cling wrap.

10. Dont panic..they look dark but when she tattoos the semi-permanent dye, it wont be like someone took a crayon and drew on you πŸ™‚

11. After 30 mins, she will start THE TATTOO-ING. Your whole brow area is numb so the only thing you’ll notice is the sound of the blade and it sounds like it’s scratching against sandpaper but you don’t feel a thing!

12. She will apply the healing ointment/wax and you’re done! (1 1/2 hours total)

13. This is how mine looked when I got home that night:

Not that bad right?!!

14. This is the part they conveniently left out: You will need to buy the aftercare kit. They say it’s optional but it will be for healing the wound and protecting the colour for the first few weeks so that when it peels, it wont peel off too much colour.

At least it comes in a cute packaging but this costs $162.

After paying $600 to make your brows darker and shapelier which will last 1.5 years, what is a bit of after-care to ensure it looks good? My eyebrows even got their own freaking mask la..

Goodness, the price of beauty truly but worth it πŸ™‚

18 Responses to “Brow Resurrection: Done it..Here’s What You Need To Know”
  1. fizah says:

    wah rly quite a price to pay man – i’ll never spend $762 on eyebrows! but looking good babe, thank God you posted that @home photo. C: cos when i saw e clingwrapped one i was thinking oh no anto why you go do that to yourself ahaha.

    • hahaaha I had the exact same thoughts in my head when I saw how dark it was..when she came back, I questioned her like mad but looks okay πŸ™‚

      I would pay lesser at the heartland ones but…I DONT TRUST THEM 😦


  2. penciled brows says:

    lucky u!
    otherwise it’s $1,200 + $162 + GST right?
    what’s the no. of months of instalment they offer?

    v honest review by the way! πŸ™‚

    • Aww thanks babe πŸ™‚ i can do the installment plan for up to 1 year with a posb/dbs/ocbc credit card.

      Yeah, it would be around $1,457.34 (incl 7% gst) and i refuse to pay that amount.


  3. penciled brows says:

    but nice ah the after-effect!

  4. Laura says:

    Is the promo still on? I always wanted to do it but would never pay 1K.

  5. C says:

    Cool oh my! It’s gorgeous! Contemplating whether I should get mine done too. But is the after-care kit really that necessary? And after 2 years the ink will completely disappear but won’t leave that “Auntified tattoo” right?

    • Hey πŸ™‚

      Yes, no blue “aunty” tattoo and it will dissolve on it’s own.

      I actually didn’t wanna get the aftercare kit but I thought about it and I already spent so much to get to tattoo, might as well make sure it lasts long for those few years.

      So, I got it in the end. Plus I can use it any time if I decide to touch up after/during those years.

      It’s worth it to me, my brows look okay so far πŸ˜€


  6. Nikko says:

    Do you need to go in for touchup? I want to get it but on vacation and will not be able to be here if I need touch-up in a week or month, etc. Thanks!

    • Hey πŸ™‚

      Yeah i have to least before April for mine cos it’s starting to slowly fade like they said it would.

      Why not go when ur back from vacation? It’s included in the package at least.


  7. Cen-Lin Ting says:

    hihi, nice reviews! i just sign up a package but i have not make appointment yet..

    can i check with you how is your brows now?

    i am thinking which outlet i should go to and which therapists… haha, afterall it’s gonna be permanent for a while.. better be safe.

    • Hey thanks for the feedback πŸ™‚

      My brows are okay, honestly I love what Tody’s done cos I had such light brows. I went for two touch ups so far and it’s looking natural.

      I recommend Tody at the Wheelock branch. She did a good job for me.


  8. Gin Tan says:

    I spent $1200 + !!!! Wad price differential!!!

  9. J.Q. says:

    Hi there πŸ™‚ by now the dye would have faded, did u notice any growth changes to your eyebrow? Did it grow back to normal, as in before the treatment, notice any decrease to the growth?
    My friend & I would like to sign up for the treatment but are worried the eyebrow pores would be damaged…

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