Read This: Suffer The Little Children – Frances Reilly

I got this book from Audrey for my Christmas present!!

Frances Reilly (author with her book)


Hah actually she wanted to get me an expensive present but my gift to her was less than $20 man!! I got her a clip on light so she can read in the dark..IT IS VERY POWERFUL, don’t be deceived by its appearance.

So, I told her to get this book for me instead…AND WRAP IT UP PLEASE. I will act surprised 🙂

I heard about it from somewhere before (can’t remember now) and when I saw it in Borders, I had to have it. It’s a true account of Frances Reilly‘s brutal childhood in a Belfast convent.

She wrote her memories to help her get over the trauma during her counseling sessions. Now, she has converted those writings into a book to share her experience.

Frances as a child

Not all nuns sing and dance like in Sister Act my friend. This book proves why I will never join the nunnery. My mom tried to coax me into being a nun when I was in primary school with Sister Act -_-

Children were bathed in Jeyes Fluid (industrial strength cleaning detergent), scrubbed down with a wooden brush (even at their vagina OKAY *cringe*), washed floors till their knees buckled and beaten brutally for no reason other than the nuns needed an avenue to vent.

Read this short section and tell me you’re not intrigued to read more (real names from book taken out):

“WE have a pagan in the convent!” screams Sister X – not her real name – as she sweeps into the dormitory, waving a stick. “Where is she?” She points at a small girl. “Reilly! You are a heathen, a child of the Devil! Nobody is to come anywhere near you!” Frances Reilly’s knees give way and she begins to tremble from head to toe. She doesn’t know what “heathen” means and she doesn’t know what she’s done wrong, but she knows what’s coming. “Please, Sister . . .” she starts to say.

“Silence!” yells the nun, running towards her, face crimson with fury. “The Devil’s in you, Reilly! We’ll beat him out of you now!”

She leaps at the child, bringing the stick down on her head and then chasing her down a corridor, shouting “Demon child! Devil spawn!” Sister X drives Frances into a room in the nuns’ section of the convent, where she begins to beat her even more viciously. Two other nuns arrive and join in, raining blows. The girl lies hunched on the floor, while Sister X slaps her across the face and the others hit her all over her body. Soon, mercifully, Frances passes out.

She wakes up on the floor, alone, head throbbing with pain. She’s covered in red marks and every bone aches. Frances is locked in the room for three days. At night she pulls two chairs together and sleeps curled up across them, shivering without a blanket or cover.

This is not all..seriously, there were many more issues written in the book so go and read it. I don’t know how she managed to cram everything into such a small book.

Each chapter got me hooked and it only took me 2 days to fully finish the book. Worth it!

P.S: Found this link about other women who started to sue the nuns at Belfast. Deidre told this writer her story of it and it sounds very simlar to Frances’s account. But just check out the comments from the public! -_-

Click Here To Read It

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  1. Debbie says:

    Frances reilly is nothing but a lyer

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