Surprise!!! Happy Birthday Meli :)

It was Mel’s birthday on the 20th and the poor woman was sick!

So, we surprised her (almost midnight but nvm la, she needed some rest). I went to Icing Room to make for her a DIY cake. A lot of love went into it okay! But it was quite addictive..I was there for 45 mins just playing around, designing the cake 🙂

Honestly, the smallest cake was enough for 5-7 people (if everyone has a small bite)

Cute right?!! Goodness..I am good.

We met at around 11.30pm and then..

Anto: *Ring Ring*

Mel’s Dad: Hello?

Anto: Hi Uncle, it’s Anto. We want to surprise Mel for her birthday at 12am. Is that okay?

Mel’s Dad: Eh why you call so late? She’s sick you know, think you might have to come another day


Anto: Oh no really? We’re all downstairs now with a cake.

Mel’s Dad: Cake ah? Okay la, come up..I’ll open the door now.

Anto – Cherm – Audrey- Ally: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Guess…where we found Mel?

Woman was sick, cleaning her room half way, got lazy and played games with Chelly.

Heheheheh Happy Birthday!!

4 Responses to “Surprise!!! Happy Birthday Meli :)”
  1. Meli says:

    THANKS GUYS!!! ❤ OMG I felt so loved la. And I can't believe my dad asked you guys to come another day. Wtf; hahaha.

  2. slamdunk says:

    Happy birthday to Mel indeed.

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