A 3 Hour Malacca Trip

My mom’s birthday was on 13 December so, for the fun of it, we followed Ally and her mom for a trip to Malacca.

Introducing you to the people who went – left to right: Patrick, Francesca, Wesley, Ally, Aunty Cora (Ally’s mom) and my mom 🙂 There were two others but they went for the cultural tour and made us later..

My mom hasnt travelled in a while apart from Bangok a few years back so we thought it’d be nice to cross the border, even for a day 🙂

We travelled since morning and only really reached their at 2pm..Staying for 3 hours is no joke. We could only spend about an hour per location but it was still fun 🙂

I finally got to try Chicken Rice Balls at Jonkar Walk!

I dont know how I felt about the balls man..I was excited to try it but then Ally put this theory in my head: Anto, someone is playing with your food (most prob with bare hands) and making them into little balls.

Damn.. i think ill just stick to normal rice.


Guess what this is?

A construction site!

And then…we found, a secret garden disguised as a Tea House.

Ally said this traveller’s lounge was worth going cos they had a good live band playing and you could have coffee and read.

Such a shame though – no band that day and it was empty so we moved on.

If you do go to Malacca, you got to try this!! It is a fresh fruit slushie but I warn you….if you have diabetes, do not drink this though. VERY VERY SWEET.

There were CRAZILY dressed up trishaws everywhere..covered in flowers.

Ally told me that whenever she went to Malacca, she MUST find this dude with the snakes and iguana or her trip wasnt worth it. So….we found him 🙂

Ally – The Snake Lady

Anto…is shit scared of snakes/worms/slugs..but she managed to find some balls on the floor and got a snake too 🙂 This bugger was younger, more active and HEAVY.

She tried to dance with the snake to take her mind of the fact this cold-blooded animal was on her body.

By now she is panicking AND WANTS IT OFF.

Next we went to Mahkota for some Starbucks. We went to Malacca for Starbucks 🙂

And now it is time for HOME.

My mom is damn funny..we had to go to the toilet and of course, the stop-over toilets had no toilet paper.

Never fear – Anto’s Mom Is Here. With not just tissue but a whole roll of toilet paper.

Just look at her pants when she came out of the toilet 🙂 Cute la..but it was a very wet toilet.

5 Responses to “A 3 Hour Malacca Trip”
  1. Lucy Pereira says:

    copy to me on face book. tks. mum

  2. Lucy Pereira says:

    you did not sent the malacca trip photos to me. I cant find it on my facebook???

  3. heikal says:

    lol your mum is so cute! hi aunty!

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