Kronenbourg Blanc, A German Brunch and ZoukOut 2010

Kronenbourg Blanc Night

Oh man…the last two weeks felt like forever.

December is suppose to be a peaceful month as others go on leave but it doesnt seem to be that way. But some good came out of it..

Let me introduce you to….The Princess Beer: Kronenbourg Blanc

Ohhhhh just look at it..*so pretty* For those of you who like fruity beer, this one is for you. Those of you who do not, like me, I ended up liking it actually. Tasted like apple soda..

Now Heeran has a Kronenbourg Festive Bar selling a bucket of $50 x6 bottles!!! Or you can always go to Beer Market and go mad with the shifting prices.

Guten Tag

THIS my friends…is actually a typical German breakfast. Beer, Pretzel and a sausage according to Pat 🙂

He brought us for a German Brunch at Paulaner Brauhaus which was damn good!! But I couldnt drink beer at 11am in the morning..I just couldnt. Food needs to be accompanied with water or soft drinks for me.

Not bad though, you can choose either beer or soft drinks to be free flow 🙂 By the time we left at 3pm-ish, we had this:

Boom Boom Boom!!

Omg..okay, I used to be a beach party person when I was 13-14? But too many molest cases that hit close to home so it is a complete turn off for me going to one now.

I went this year for Zouk Out cos Peasies convinced me to go with her 🙂

But mad search for the ticket ah..MAD SEARCH. On Twitter, Facebook, Ebay, Forums…you name it. Even our friend Marina gave us updates like a live feed if she found someone selling (THANKS BABE!!!)

So, we managed to get some tickets…and convinced 2 more friends to come 🙂 


But then mad search….. AGAIN but we got the last 2 tickets pretty fast la so not THAT bad.

Getting there was damn eventful.. Pea couldnt stop at the main road for too long and I was late. So.. I SPRINTED to where Mel (Ms Colourful Top) was waiting, which was a good 250m away from Vivo okay?! Dont mess.

Pea kept saying she was turning around the corner…5 mins later…NO PEA. Finally she came and we picked up the almost invisble Chong outside St James..she’s damn tiny balls, skinny like a gala.

Time Check: It is now 8.15pm

Mel and Chong’s tickets were entry before 9pm…there was a traffic jam.

Not just a traffic jam, once we got nearby carpark. The party was at Siloso Beach…we had to park at Sentosa Cove which believe me is DAMN FAR -_-

We had to take a shuttle bus (and were lucky to be on the first one that came) and had to walk in the rest of the way.

Time Check: 15 minutes left to 9pm.

Can we make it?! Will Zoukout be a tight ass and not let us in?!!! Nah..we made it in time.

Wooohooo!! Off to get some dinner..good lord, it’s damn early for Zoukout -9pm?!! We went all the way back to Vivo for dinner and to buy some cheap drinks 😀

And then, we came back to Sentosa…and the drinking started.

A bottle of Chardonnay for Mel and a bottle of Moscato for me..DONT LAUGH! I am a lightweight..I dont care if Moscato is only 4%, it tastes good. Plus, I had a cider before my Moscato 😉

Okay..everyone’s slightly buzzed by now. Best time to head to Zoukout 🙂

FYI: Tiesto was okay..TOO PACKED. But David Guetta was awesome!

3 Responses to “Kronenbourg Blanc, A German Brunch and ZoukOut 2010”
  1. Meli says:

    I thought Tiesto was waayyy better!! meliiiii ❤

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