Anto’s Bored: The Disastrous Journey To See Sucky Hair Stylist

Hellooo 🙂

Im getting bored with how I look now..I even cut off my hair again but it didnt come out the way I wanted it to (as always).

**Disclaimer: I went back to the same  place cos the hairstylist can cut it properly but it’s always a few inches too short. IT’S THE MOFO JUNIOR STYLISTS THAT PISS ME OFF NOW.

Im convinced that overall, you Singaporean hairstylists cannot style my hair for nuts..”Oooo we’re from Monsoon, Oooo we’re from Jean Yip”.. So what, you always screw it up!! I even asked for a freaking specialist before..and paid more for your underated services -_-

 This photo is me un-screwing it with leave in conditioner cos your bimbo China dolls styled my hair like some Aunty!

Since the photo is so sad that Google doesnt even have a female version, I will show you…a man’s version!!

Ugh! You imagine me leaving the salon everytime like that?! Gosh..some more the PRC junior stylists can insist on styling my hair.

I tell them the key problems associated with my hair and what NOT TO DO –

1. Dont use any sort of comb, my hair frizzes easily since ur blow drying

Bimbo PRC: Nehhh *shows the fork comb* this one for ur hair..curly curly one.

Anto: Yes, i know but it frizzes cos u are going to comb the curls apart and BLOW DRY right?  I dont blow dry at all cos it will break

Bimbo PRC: Neh can comb what? You see?! *starts combing through my hair..mofo*

Anto: *gave up* no point talking to ppl who dont understand.

2. Anto already had bad experiences with hair styling, she requests to style it herself

Bimbo PRC: *starts rubbing mouse all over* This cream ah is for your hair ger..u must use, ur hair so curly

Anto: <no shit sherlock>..yeah i know but im gonna style it myself, im going out

Bimbo PRC: nvm, Ah Jie will make it nice..*POOF* I get aunty poodle hair in the wrong parting!

Anto: <Went to the sink, wet my hands…FLATTEN AND SCRUNCH those frizzy boys down>

You think this is a “Barber, Barber” game is it? -_- You can imagine my distaste..

Sigh..I highly doubt I will do my curly undercut, eventhough I really like it!! I found this pic of a girl who also had curly-ish hair and did the undercut I wanted..See!! Looks pretty good right?

Maybe not this photo of Rihanna la but you get the idea. still deciding to take it shorter cos im THAT bored with me hair. We shall see..

I’m not just bored of my hair, im bored of my make up too! Standard – blues, greens, pink/purple combo or black. It sounds like I got a few variations already right but it becomes a routine.

Since Christmas is coming up, here are some nice ideas I found:

9 Responses to “Anto’s Bored: The Disastrous Journey To See Sucky Hair Stylist”
  1. Ai Ling says:

    OMG babe. your re-enactment is hilarious.

  2. Meli says:

    HAHAHA Omg I burst out laughing when I saw who you compared your look to.

  3. bet365 says:

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  4. I just came across your blog today and I’ve been enjoying all your posts so far. I have curly hair too (like really truly curly hair) and I’m pure Chinese so you can imagine, I ALWAYS get suggestions to rebond my hair or some other nonsense. It’s as though hairstylists can never accept Chinese girls with curly hair cos we’re all supposed to have silky straight and FLAT locks.

    I’ve had to turn down rebonding or straightening suggestions a million times, and I get so turned off once a stylist recommends that. This is why I always end up switching stylists after every cut. But a few years ago, I met this guy called Kenny, he’s a stylist at Tampines 1’s Anthony salon. He’s really good at cutting curly hair, and the best thing is he has never once suggested straightening or treatments to make my hair “straighter”. He cuts my hair when it’s dry so he can see how the curls fall and he always instructs the hair-blowers never to use a brush or a comb for my hair when blow drying. He just uses his hand and scrunches and twists my hair a little to enhance the curls. Yes, enhance! Not remove it. So yeah, maybe you can check him out cos he’s done wonders for my hair and my dad’s hair. My dad has lotsa tight natural curls too. 🙂

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