KC Family Day: Cant Believe It Was This Huge

I havent been back to KC in ages… (and OMG the O in Katong made my ass look 10x bigger!!!)

For those reading this and dont know, yes I am from Katong Convent. You may continue your snickering and judging but I loved being in KC.

I dont think Ive been back since I graduated from O levels but let me tell you, the Family Days we used to have were not as big as the one I went to today -_-

BLOODY MASSIVE RIGHT?!! I dont remember having such a big one back last time when I was still studying there. They even had the big bouncy play areas all around the courtyard.

And what the hell is this?!!!! I dont believe it man..

Although we didnt see that many teachers who taught me, we ended up seeing some friends who decided to teach here.

But honestly, I cant believe how EXPENSIVE the food was! Yeah la..it was also to raise funds for the victims in China (which of course I dont mind helping) but $5 for Chicken Rice?

But okay.. I still got some pretty good food. After all, thats all I got with my coupons 🙂

Damn sad though..have way through it started pouring like mad. So all there was left to do was eat and check out the rest of the stuff.

Everything SMELT the same 🙂 The office, the gym where I was always at for dance..where we finally found some teachers who taught us..

Ohhhhh this is Mrs Siva. She was nice, taught us Geography well BUT she had the weirdest punishments! KC girls, you know what Im talking about if you were taught by her..

The Punishment List

  • Squat on the floor like a duck and walk back and forth the aisle
  • Run around the school
  • Jumping Jacks for every question you can answer

Sounds normal when I write it down but I tell you, I was fine with standing at the wall – none of this extra PE punishments.

And of course, there were the KC girls who were more than happy to have their boyfriends parade around with them within school grounds 🙂

And of course, who could forget the fiercest one of all time?

Hahahaha I was petrified of her man..she was the Discipline Mistress at the time. And I was always late for school right..

All the late girls had to stand in a row, ostracised from the rest who came on time (like the pic below) and go for detention after 3 chances..

What? I tried to be early..just kept missing the bus.

Heheheh it was fun 🙂

2 Responses to “KC Family Day: Cant Believe It Was This Huge”
  1. ally says:

    oh my god anto!! that crazy ride??? and bouncing castle? they are totally getting it on i love it.

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