Quickie Post: Ever Wanted A Place To Nap During Work?

Honestly…I have been searching for a place to sleep in Singapore during work. Ehhh I am not lazy..I just think napping will probably make you more awake and be more productive if you’re tired.


1. You are tired

2. You need a nap to get some rest

3. Find a place to sleep during lunch!!

Brilliant right? I think so..I am a genius. Finally, today Audrey found a place that I MUST SHARE WITH YOU!

Chop Chop Massage Express has massage services and room rentals for Power Naps (30 mins).




2 Responses to “Quickie Post: Ever Wanted A Place To Nap During Work?”
  1. icantelluincasemyfutureemployerseesthis says:

    tell me about it!!! i used to lock myself in the toilet cubicle and doze off for 10mins or so when the late nights take its toll.

    Don’t publish my email addy pls. LOL

    • hahahah ur damn funny la!

      Now you know where to go! I checked out the place during lunch, not too bad actually 🙂

      I changed ur email add in case someone clicks on ur “damn long name”..

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