Audrey’s Birthday Part 1: Guess Where? my mom’s exact words..” Eh you girls ah… living the life know. Why you spend that money on a hotel room when your own room has aircon? Might as well go shopping right?”

Yes, to some extent that is true but it was her birthday and since we couldnt go on our trip to New York in December (I have my last module then), we decided to go to…………………………… the Fullerton! Besides, it is a pretty huge discounted “trip”. Besides, we always wanted to see what the fuss about Fullerton was 🙂

She ran ahead to her room first.

Welcome to our room! May I take you on ze grand tour?

Being the tourist that I am (in my own country), I took lotsa photos 🙂

For some reason they LOVE larger than life furniture..the room felt so small because of each piece.

I LOVE TEA…and they provide one of the best ones- TWG 😀 Just look at the tea bags..I finished the Earl Grey tea by the the time dinner came.

By the time I came out from the bathroom, SOMEONE was already snuggled up on the bed 🙂

Not bad though..although the room was quite pricey, it gave us $88 worth of dining credit that we can use in any of Fullerton’s restaurants.

SO……we ordered in 😀 me, you will see why later..

Omg…READ the Australian Lamb Rack and tell me you will be interested in wilted Shanghai greens?!

Since we wanted to stay in the room and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING outdoors, Audrey brought Wii so we played whilst waiting.  


We had Spicy Tuna Rolls, French Onion Soup, Fullerton Beef Burger, Pizza Stagioni and…MY CHEESE PLATER!

Next Day

Woohoo! It’s 9.30am…time for the buffet breakfast!!! This was what we were greeted with at the main entrance..

A QUEUE! A queue for the buffet -_-

We requested for the outdoor seats…it is SOOO pretty to sit outside in the morning havign breakfast along the river with this as your view..

Once we were done..time for some tea, a smoke and a swim 🙂

We had to go out to get some drinks and ciggs..along the way we saw this! I havent seen an ice cream man in ages..dont know where the orchard ones went even..

Got this from one of the hotel staff..Sweden makes the cutest match boxes ever.

We went to Dallas at Boat Quay for lunch after..the portions were HUGE.

Wagyu Beef Burger and Beef Fajitas!!!! Ohhhhh so exciting 😀

Sooooo goood I tell you…a 2- set course was only $19++  with tea 😀 

I TELL YOU…the bloody birds nowadays are damn shameless. They kept hovering around all the tables, waiting for scrabs of food.

One of them, swooped in from behind Audrey and stole a fry.

And bloody hell more came back! Waiting for my food..i used the coasters like a boomerang and shoo-ed them away.

Heheh thats all…PART 2 tomorrow 🙂

3 Responses to “Audrey’s Birthday Part 1: Guess Where?”
  1. Lucy Pereira says:

    next time ta-pow some back for me!

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