Halloween 2010: Dress Up Time Again

Woop Woop! Halloween is a comin’ 😀

I really do like Halloween, mainly cos I like to dress up..even if I don’t have a reason to:

If you cant tell what I was, I was…………….MEDUSA!

I made my own snake hairband man..dont mess!

….yes, im done now.

Which brings me to my next question..WHAT ARE YOU GUYS GOING AS FOR HALLOWEEN 2010?

The Costume


I wanted to be Posion Ivy  cos all my past outfits were not scary and at least, I could be a villain. But this is a very hard costume to find, so I need to manually put it together. This will of course take time and I am lazy 😦

This year, im going to be…..SNOW WHITE.

But… I am gonna attempt to make it a goth Snow White la, HALLOWEEN afterall.

Mind you, this dress is DAMN SHORT. Need to get leggings for this dress, it is suppose to be for the bedroom only but I am wearing it out 😉


Make Up

Wonder what makeup shall I do though? Saw a few quick make up tips and realised only the make up and accessories can really make it look goth..

If you think I am going like the pic below, you can go stand in the corner.

This possible the fastest/decent goth make up style around:

This is damn good! Fishnet lips!

BUT I must say, I love the Evil Queen’s costume even more..if I can find it, I will buy it:

Beatrice Knop as the Evil Queen in Snow White at Staatsballet

Sadly, it’s part of a Berlin Theatre production so no..plus I dont think I will be allowed out. Hah!

13 Responses to “Halloween 2010: Dress Up Time Again”
  1. cherry says:

    the second pic for makeup fits best. =)

    hope to join in the dress-up fun this year! this is what i wanna be:

  2. Ai Ling says:

    i will go stand in a corner now.

  3. Drey says:

    And yes you won’t be allowed out of the house…

  4. Extenze says:

    i will go stand in a corner now.

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  7. Awesome images! I adore the post so much! 😉

  8. OK good to see- informed blogs are always sweet! See yas.

  9. Stunning photos! I appreciate the post so much! 😉

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