I Am A Damn Good Party Planner: Steph’s Hen Party

Hehehehehehe I tell you, I  know I can be shameless okay but for this party I am not afraid to admit it – I think I planned a pretty good hen party for Steph.

Steph is my darling poly friend who takes great photos and she was the one who did this for me.

Ehhh give me some credit here, FIRST TIME planning a hen party! No clue on where to start balls’ so I did quite a bit of research.

Planning Stage

My research started way back when I was looking for a decent looking stripper in my blog post – Do Gigolo/Strippers Exist In This Country? Check out the comments I received for that! HAH!

Dont mess okay, I’ve been planning since April 2010! Good lord, some of the strippers I found were REALLY NOT IDEAL – cannot dance, some of their bodies made me speechless or not the bride’s ideal ‘stripper look’. This was one such person that left a comment on my post, after contacting  him, he gave this pic,  a rate and allowed touching.

……yeah. So after many such people like this, scrapped the stripper; not ideal for this party. The very ideal ones were $3,000 for 1 freaking hour. YOU THINK I PRINT MONEY OR WHAT? Plus, quite a few people didnt seem comfortable.

(Basket, hen night with a stripper is ‘uncomfortable’ for the guest(s). MARK MY WORDS, MY HEN NIGHT WILL HAVE A STRIPPER..IT IS MY PARTY.

Disclaimer: Dear future guests, if you find yourself invited to my hen party and there is a stripper, you can either join in the fun, deal with  it cos you love me or step out of the room for a moment please. Thank you.)

Then came the mass coordination with the bridesmaids 🙂 We agreed to do a split even as our present to Steph and did Operation Steph’s Hen Party on Facebook.

Gotta love these girls, very cooperative although it was a shame quite a few pulled out last minute. That caused a major reshuffle of the plan and we cut down on having a suite at Swissotel (to fit the inital 20 pax) to a really good executive room at Novotel (can fit 12-13 pax).

Once the planned was confirmed, time to get all the stuff.

This was the plan – Hollywood Hen Party:

1. Get  feather boa

2. Get crown with veil  (i had to try it)

3. Bring Taboo, Drinking Games, Girl Nights Out Dare Cards

4. Order food from Sarpinos Pizzeria (damn good in terms of quantity, quality and price)

5. Print out sponsor logos to make back drop

6. Get red cloth for the red carpet

7. Polaroid film and appoint a bridesmaid to be official polaroid photographer

8. Get soft drinks for mixers

9. Speakers – Novotel had their own in the end.

10. Alcohol – bring whatever you can. We ended up having white wine, Absolut Mango and Peach and Tiger Beer. Enough to be buzzed.

11. Guests to hide behind the door and act as paparazzi for Steph when she comes in.

12. Meet Steph at Clarke Quay, make her go to various places there to throw her off the plan.

Actual Day

Anto, did not club the day before cos she knew she would be a zombie. I slept at 10pm and woke up at 1oam to do my rounds.

Grabbed the decor, booze and games, got in a cab with all my barang (I looked like a super bag lady man) and went to get the cake. The cake was done by Jaq who owns Piece Of Cake. She does really good 3D cakes so guess what we got Steph??






HAHAHHAHA damn real right?! Got a vein and all man 🙂

AND THIS was the photo taken as I just got the cake and the cab SCCREEEEEECHHHED TO A HALT sending everything to the floor.

Thank goodness the cake was on my lap and I held it tightly at that moment. This cabbie Uncle was damn lucky ah..if I couldnt eat my penis cake, he is paying for it. DARK CHOCOLATE CAKE some more.

So I got to the hotel after that, the bellboy didnt even open the door for my cab when I had a SHITLOAD of things. I know I didnt have a luggage so I didnt look like a tourists patronizing their hotel but still!! What made it worse – I used eco-friendly aunty market bags. They are sturdy okay 😦

I got myself out and checked in with everyone looking at this nutcase bag lady. Nevermind, it is okay 🙂

Then started on the decorations and guest arrivals..all went pretty smoothly. I met Steph at around 7.15pm and sent her on a walk to first pit stop: The G-Max Bungy.

Hahahahha she freaked out. Then brought her around Clarke Quay and told her dinner was first at McDonalds. Her face and already-hoarsed-voice was priceless.

Poor girl was hungry and in heels so cut it short and brought her to the room for her paparazzi surprise.

Then came the polaroids..

and then there were more..

And drinking games 🙂 Steph was buzzed by 10pm..

We ended up clubbing at Attica cos Audrey could get all of us in free and the management was so nice, they gave us free jugs 🙂

And that was it! Job well done Anto, good job good job..

I just have to do this:

Hahaha what??? Tired and passed out from a great night is always a compliment:)

14 Responses to “I Am A Damn Good Party Planner: Steph’s Hen Party”
  1. Ai Ling says:


  2. steph says:

    I love chewww ANTOINETTE!!!

  3. Weng says:

    Hi Anto, thanks for the great party for Steph! (: Nice knowing you!

  4. hahahha i love chew too meiwan!

  5. Sophia says:

    great partyy indeed!! ((:

  6. Marina says:

    holy mother!! the cake looks like a huge pasty man’s penis!!!!! get some sun!!! hahahahahahahah THE VEIN!

  7. Drey says:

    Haha this us true it did taste good!!! Youe got planning rights to my bday that’s for sure 🙂

  8. Eryn says:

    hey girl! sounds like a good party! i’m about to have one for my good friend in another hotel but am afraid that the 2 twin beds wouldn’t even fit 6 persons for sleepover. how did those 10 odd friends of your sleep in that room, with that king/queen sized bed?

    • It was a queen and actually it was not enough for all 10 to sleep comfortably.

      If the bed and comfort is key, only 3 ppl should sleepover unless the rest dont mind bringing sleeping bags.

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