Avalon, The Speed Racer and The F1 Final Race

It came and it went..FAST. Just like it was suppose to.

I LOVE F1 PERIOD.I tell you..I have such a fantasy that I am one of them okay and I love the engine sounds. Gosh..

Audrey was so sweet, she knew I wanted to go for Avalon Day 1 but everyone else wanted to go for Day 2 so I gave up on going.

She brought me there as part of my birthday gift ❤ Eventhough she doesnt like the music.

But before that, we met some friends at Kazbar because they have a F1 simulator there and the prize was awesome.

Fucking first prize is a pair of tickets for the garage tour and a pair of grand stand tickets -_- BUT guess who won?

One of my friends 😀 Lucky man..no one could beat his time. Hah! Then the organizers gave us free rounds of shots!


So Avalon was suppose to start at 8pm, we only reached at 11pm..had to have some drinks first.

AVALON’S DRINKS WERE BLOODY EXPENSIVE. Freaking daylight robbery in progress..you had to pay min of $100 for a drinks coupon booklet and each drink was $20 -_-

We ended up getting a booklet cos we felt like drinking more anyway.

BY THE WAY…for those of you who couldnt make it..MAJOR LAZER!

But check out what he’s doing to the other girl here..

I tell you…the music was damn good, even these guys…NO CLUE WHO THEY ARE but their set was good too.

Dont get me wrong, there was an act that DID suck. FLO RIDA. Yeah I said it.. FLO RIDA YOU SUCK ASS.

Firstly, you overplayed your session and had to replay ‘Club Cant Handle Me Right Now’ for ages, you ate into Steve Aoki’s time and I paid to see him instead. Besides, what are you doing on the night with the most trance, house and electro DJs?

And all you mainly said all night was ” Singapore, I see some sexay ladies here tonight.” Yeah thanks. GET OFF THE STAGE..you wonder why people left during your slot? Take a hint..Your back up boys werent gonna save you.

Sigh..nvm, STEVE AOKI! I think you get better in concert every time I see you.

The time now is…4am on a Thursday night. BUT THEN…..there’s ABOVE AND BEYOND!



This is not a Skinny pizza. This is a papadum pizza..just look at the crust!

Wooohooo!! Eggggcited or what?! Can hear those sexay engine sounds already *swoon*

Hehehehehhe YES I ADMIT…I became a tourist 😀

Now, tell me those sounds do not trigger excitement from within you. TELL ME?!



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