Shiseido Aqualabel Contest: The Video Post Round

As some of you guys know..I’VE MADE IT TO THE NEXT ROUND 🙂

This time round, we are tested on our video/presenting skills with a video blog post and Shiseido arranged a Panasonic video editing workshop.

Meet….Mr Video-Edits Trainer

He was actually the substitute for the real trainer but was still able to show us some interesting features of the latest Lumix FX 75 model. Apparently, you can choose a setting called Cosmetic Mode that can make you look fairer or more tanned O.O 

Hehehe so cute SUMMER LOOK man..Guess it will help to save money on those of you who go for self- tanning at the salons.

The trainer actually didn’t show us how to do the video effects or editing but wanted us to play around with the effects ourselves since we’re using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

And then, came the moment of truth….THE SHOOT.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! (It finally hits me) HOW TO SQUEEZE MY YAPPING INTO 30 SECS?!

I tell you, I made my script in like the last 5 mins before my timeslot…it was 30 secs so I didnt really think a script was needed. Hopefully its good enough.

If you guys are also thinking of doing a video review (for whatever reason), this is what I took away  from the workshop:

1. Prepare a script in advance!

  • Since Ihad no planned script, my video well exceeded the 30 secs ‘cos I enjoyed talking so much.

2. Use TV-friendly makeup

  • Even if you want to go au natural, you still need to look ”fresh” on screen so at least put on some concearler, blush and lipstick to prevent au natural from looking pale and tired.

3. Lighting Is Important

  •  Have one main source of good light –  so that you dont look unnatural, covered in shadows or over-exposed.



The video will be uploaded on Aqualabel’s Facebook Group and this will be the only place where the support counts. All you need to do is:

1. Join the Aqualabel SG Facebook Group page

2. Please look through the videos on Wednesday 15 September 2010 and find my video

3. ‘Like’ my video and comment on Facebook so that the votes can be tallied.

If I make it through the next round, let’s go party COS I MAY BE PLANNING THE SHISEIDO AQUALABEL PARTY!!

THANKS EVERYONE!! I will love you long time..WOOP WOOP!!

One Response to “Shiseido Aqualabel Contest: The Video Post Round”
  1. Rachel says:

    Yay!!~~ I’ll go and ‘like’ your video this very moment. Hugs. You must invite me to the party. Hehehe 🙂

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