The Busy Weekend(s) Checklist

Omg I wanna shoot myself. Once again, I have packed my weekend with almost no room for rest.

Reminder of things to do:

Friday 03/09/10

1. Work till 6pm

2.Aqualabel Video Blog Workshop at 6.45pm till late

3. Put up video blog post


Saturday 04/09/10

1. Nixxon Art Splash @ Old School

2. MCM 21 Black & White Party @ TAB

BOTH OF WHICH AT 6.30pm..Omg, need to come late for 1 of them.

3. Possible after-party? HIGH CHANCE..when is there not? NAUGHTY GIRL IS NEXT DOOR.


Sunday 05/09/10

1.Church (sadly Im slowly going back to being a Sunday Catholic)

2.  School project at NLB from 2pm till late 


Following Weekend



Friday 10/09/10 (Hari Raya Long Weekend)

1. High chance there’s a school project meeting to finish up the work 

2.Nique and Geordan’s Birthday Party at 4pm-ish

Saturday 11/09/10

1. Teebox Flea Market @ Supperclub ( I got a stall with 3 friends so PLEASE SUPPORT)



Damn it…I know Ive got more. Gonna update this again later.

2 Responses to “The Busy Weekend(s) Checklist”
  1. meli says:

    We have to go to naughty girl to finish the bottle toooo!

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