A Crazy Weekend…With Poledancers

Gosh.. last week was interesting.

Firstly, celebrated Andre’s 30th birthday at his new place – looks really good, screams of Bachelor Pad 🙂

Audrey made for him a scrapbook..Scrapbooks are not as convenient of a present as you’d think it is.


And then comes Friday 😀

I thought Friday was gonna be a tad boring but met Mel and Marina for an ‘impromptu’outing.

We went to Chijmes Cuscaden for drinks, chicken wings and breaded sausages ❤

Then, we ended at TAB.

Midori Sprite was such a good option.. DO NOT get Mojitos. Both of them were Mojito lovers and the Mojitos there were not fantastic.

Next, we went to Naughty Girl at Orchard Towers!! Hahahahah yes, we went to Orchard Towers and I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY..it was damn fun.

Reasons To Consider Orchard Towers For An Impromptu Night

1. Sense of ‘danger’

2. High chance that girls greet you at the entrance in skimpy outfits dancing on poles.

Here’s a clip of what you could be greeted with.

3. Entertainment comes in all forms

Omg I tell you…the men there are shameless. We had more fun watching how the men behaved than anything else. Sleezeballs..one dude grabbed a girls leg and LICKED IT.

Obviously she allowed it and after further observation, they DO offer lapdances. All prices are provided discreetly. First time I saw Caucasian dancers at a local bar though.

Oh by the way, if there are not enought proof that caucasian men can’t dance, I have seen it with my own eyes. Not one of them on the dance floor could dance. They can mosh and jump but not dance.

This one guy kept dancing with this:

Apart from that, the band there was surprisingly FANTASTIC. Found some videos to showcase their vocals..if you dont find it that good, they’re better live.

 Definitely going back there, need to finish the bottle which was pretty affordable actually. Mel, Marina……we need another night 🙂

Then comes…. Saturday 🙂

Had my cousin’s 4th birthday party that had SUCH GOOD FOOD. Heaven!!! Let me introduce you to ze Cereal Prawns..


Devil Curry, Black Sotong and Sweet and Sour Fish ❤

and of course, Meat Cutlets and Baked Cheese Macroni ❤

The birthday girl had to setup her own cake though..

After that, we went out for drinks to Chijmes Cuscaden and then to Le Baroque for some live band.


5 Responses to “A Crazy Weekend…With Poledancers”
  1. melissa says:


  2. marina says:

    Damn I should have taken up your invitation for saturday!! The food looks reallllly good!!!!

  3. Really the blog is very helpful for me.I hope you will continue post such useful information in future as well.

  4. haha told you…come with me next time 🙂

  5. drey says:

    like! like!

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