Product Review: Japan’s #1 Mojitate Kajitsu and Deep Moist Lipbalms

Hello Darlings 🙂

Guess what? Thanks to the wonderful people at, they have sponsored 5 different lipbalms for me to try!

The Sampling Bunch

1. Mojitate Kiajitsu Orange & Mango, Strawberry and Lemon & Lime

What’s great about the Mojitate Kiajitsu range is that all the flavours are made from honey, beeswax and natural fruit juice! Yum..I can so tell how you could have made it to Number 1 🙂 

Grapeseed oil, Vitamins A and E will also help to heal and renew your lips 😀

2. Deep Moist – Natural and Menthol

The Deep Moist range has Hyaluronic Acid, Shea butter, Jojoba oil and the oval container helps to fit the corners of the mouth effectively.

I didn’t think it will make much of a difference but it did. And which other lip balm has Hyaluronic Acid?!! All my facial products have hyaluronic acid so found it so ODD that my lip balm had it. But it is suppose to help with softening and anti-aging.  

Gotta admit, I personally prefer my lip balms to have vitamins and fruity flavours got I like licking my lips. Yes, I know it’s not good but then WHAT ELSE ARE THE FLAVOURS FOR??!

Try the Mojitate Kiajitsu & Deep Moist lipbalms today too & share your experience story to stand to win attractive prizes! Available at any Watsons outlets near you!”

What you need to do is to purchase the lipbalm, try it and post their experience onto our facebook wall ( 3 winners will be selected.

Contest period: 16 August 2010 – 17 October 2010


Samples Time!

I am giving away the Deep Moist – Natural and Menthol lip balms and The Mojitate Kajitsu Strawberry and Orange & Mango Lip balms.

All you have to do is let me know which lipbalm you want by commenting 🙂



10 Responses to “Product Review: Japan’s #1 Mojitate Kajitsu and Deep Moist Lipbalms”
  1. fizah says:

    aww you know how much i believe in honey! bet these lipbalms are vair moisturising! C:

  2. steph says:

    Mango Mango Mango!!! 😀

  3. Michellerika says:

    You know what I want! Heeheee. And cute pictures btw! (:

  4. Janiney! says:

    strawwwwberreh pleaseeeeee! 😀

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