Product Review: Shiseido’s Aqualabel Reset White Mask

Wooooo!!! The day has finally come to an end..

I CANNOT wait to unwind and get my mask on. As all of you know, I love my mini DIY spas so I’m so happy to share with you my newest muse 🙂

Can’t tell yet?

I heard so much about this line coming in from Shiseido and it’s finally here. I am talking about the Aqualabel Whitening Range.

Specifically, I am talking about………. The Aqualabel Reset White Mask:

Muahahahahaha LOVE LOVE LOVE this mask. Apart from the fact that it’s a cloth mask for lazy people like me, it has all the makings of a great mask for all skin types.

What it does is it targets the root of pigmentation and spots by soothing inflammation found near them and aids in stopping excessive melanin production through m-tranexamic. I have lots of acne scars so hopefully this will work for me 😦

As it whitens, it helps to remove dead skin cells and excess melanin with Saxifrage extract (inhibits melanin production) and Peony extract (prevents stratification of the stratum corneum). Sounds technical right but it basicly means it prevents the building up of layers of  rough skin.

I love that the S-shaped cuts of the mask lets me stretch it to the exact contours of my face and the lifting effect keeps my skin firm too.

Naturally when I heard that Aqualabel was holding a blogging competition to win 1 year’s supply of Shiseido Aqualabel products and an all expense paid trip to Japan, how can I resist not joining?

Thanks Shiseido for acknowledging bloggers and for giving me a chance to be part of the competition!


15 Responses to “Product Review: Shiseido’s Aqualabel Reset White Mask”
  1. Churl says:

    Sounds awesome! I’m gonna try it!

  2. Wooooo! Speedy response..thanks babe!

  3. rett says:

    nice! I’ve used Shiseido stuff before and it’s really good. I hope you win!

  4. Oh Lulu! says:


  5. boston says:

    Nice..just happened to see your tweet..maybe I can intro this product to my girlfriend!

  6. Meli says:

    I love masks! def going to try this too!

  7. drey says:

    I want samples please!!!!!!!

  8. Churl says:


  9. gorgeouskim says:

    hi there hows it going

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