What’s The Fuss About KOI?

Yes, Koi bubble tea has been around for relatively quite some time but I dont get what’s all the fuss about it.

Bloody hell, so many long queues for BUBBLE TEA??! Got a few friends, headed down to Parkway Parade to give it a shot:

This was the freaking queue??!

I cant believe they gave me a QUEUE NUMBER…the moment I got this, I felt like I was in a polyclinic waiting for medicine.

So I waited..and waited..and so was everyone else (I cant believe I did this still).

About time man..waited for over 10 mins? Bubble tea takes what 1 min to buy + prepare..then you’re out!  But I was greeted with individually wrapped straws. Okay fine, nice touch 🙂

I even had to choose SUGAR LEVEL??!! It’s good for the diabetics but diabetics wont even be drinking bubble tea I think. But I guess some people do not like it that sweet, so nice touch again 🙂


I had high hopes on this KOI bubble tea. Heard so much a bout it, so many friends queuing for it and how they come back RAVING about it.

So I took the MOST POPULAR milk tea (green tea) with mini pearls and sugar level at 25% and I am disappointed.

It tasted like normal bubble tea guys, maybe just a little less sweet. The pearls were sweet but that’s about it.

Had to go console myself with a bit of shopping..Not everyday I get disappointed with food or drinks.

Yes, I bought a plant. It fits nicely in mybathroom to get some spa ambience 🙂

One Response to “What’s The Fuss About KOI?”
  1. mode20100 says:

    A+ would read again

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