National Day Long Weekend Is Here!!!!

Hello Darlings..

Fellow Singaporeans, Happy National Day. It’s probably the only time we are patriotic from the constant commercial reminders about the benefits of being Singaporean but STILL Happy National Day 🙂

I love the fact that we get a long weekend this week! So many events happened over the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday alone.

Let’s RECAP visually shall we? 😀


I was so tempted to take leave so I’d get 4 days of rest but work sorta ended a couple of hours earlier anyway 🙂 A colleague’s husband and best friend planned a surprise birthday party in the office..DAMN SWEET MAN! Flowers and all..

We ended the night by booking the top of Harry’s for the party with lotsa pool and drinks 🙂


Woohooo! Brunch with my favourite girls at B Bakery at Bussorah Street.

Ohhhh just look at the food…FOOD ORGASM!

Aglio Oglio angel hair pasta with bacon and asparagus and an OVERLOAD of mushrooms ❤ The picture is sadly deceiving but it’s in there I tell you…traded my cherry tomatos for Rachel Chong’s (Chong) mushrooms.

Worth it.

The two tomato based pastas are your regular seafood pastas but they are super genorous on the ingredients..there were soo many squids in one serving.

Baby Back Ribs with a side of potato salad.

But these, my friends, was the real reason we came for…THE CINAMMON ROLL.

Made in the morning, GONE by the morning. They’re that good.

Saturday night 🙂

I realised quite a few of my friends were born around the first week of August. I went for Rachel’s Tan’s birthday..

Tan, not Chong or Pea. I have so many friends whose name is Rachel they ended with a surname reference 🙂 


The Rachel Guide

1. Rachel Chong (Chong)

2. Rachel Tan (Rachel)

3. Rachel Pereira (Pea)

Hehe okay..ANYWAY,  it was Rachel’s birthday 🙂

Let me tell you, rompers and using a toilet which could be easily kicked in, is not a good combination.

Figure that ending out..

And to Zouk we gooo!!! Agnelli and Nelson!!


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