Birthdays, Yellow Jello And A Different Kinda Party

Another very busy weekened!

Had to take some time away from looking for Melon to be with the family for their birthdays. Any who, my darling readers… the family 🙂







 But first, meet the CAKES!

How cute is this CAKE???!


One of the cousin’s OTHER cousin makes homemade 3D cakes..Little Mermaid was Oreo Chocolate flavoured and Sacha’s was Sugee ❤

The party on Friday was mainly Shayna’s birthday with a hell lot of kids..she even made us STOP SINGING the birthday song because Ariel wasn’t facing her -_-

So…the 16 year old went pubbing on Saturday at Yellow Jello, Clarke Quay. If you guys like live band, Yellow Jello’s alright, plus they’ve got John Molina and Krueger so it was pretty entertaining.


———-End of Saturday———– But here comes Sunday!!!—————–

Sunday marked my grandma’s birthday, grandpa’s death anniversary (so sad right, he died on my grandma’s bday) and also, my Uncle’s house warming party.


I forgot to take pics of all the food but behind my cousin – Linda, you can see the deceivingly big container of DEVIL’S CURRY…Ohhohohoh!! So, you know the food was gooooood 🙂

We ended up playing rounds of Monopoly Deal afterwards but on the friends, if you havent played this game yet, OMG….go grab a friend and buy this card game of SABOTAGE! Or play it online by clicking on the link 🙂

And that’s more or less it for the weekend…time to catch some sleep.

Good night!


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