The Case Of My Missing Cat -Melon

***Disclaimer: This is going to be a sad post.

For those of you who dont know, my cat – Mr. Melon Pudding De Meow, has gone missing since Monday 12/07/10 😦

It took me this long to write about it because, I had absolutely no mood to blog and I’ve been searching almost every night for him.

My mom left the door open so that the renovators could move about freely but she didnt realise Melon, who is an amateur explorer, went out. You would think Melon can find his way back like other cats, but like I said – “Amateur Explorer.”

The last time he went exploring, he made it all the way down the flight of stairs then we heard SCREECHING MEWS coming from the floor below. We found him curled up in the corner, outside the same unit with his eyes as though he was at the correct unit but we wouldnt let him in 🙂

Anyway, back to the day he went missing.

My mom didnt even want to tell me he went missing..she hates my cat cos since we didnt sterilise him, he pees EVERYWHERE.

Still, that doesnt give her the excuse to not tell my opnion. I only found out on Wednesday that he went missing, that too I asked her because all the doors were open (VERY OUT OF CHARACTER). So….if I didnt ask, she wouldn’t have told me.

And that’s basicly it..Ive been a mess from then till now:

1. Called SPCA and AVA – no reports of a found cat

2. Put up online ads on Cat Welfare Soceity and Twitter – 1 tip from Cat Welfare but the cat looks EXACTLY like Melon but Melon is only fat at the stomach area, this cat was a Garfield.

3. Scowered the carparks and playgrounds around my estate in the evenings, shaking her food container that attracted every other cat BUT Melon

4. Ai Ling followed me yesterday to look for Melon on all 11 storeys of the block we received a tip from. No Melon but seriously weird block…3 out of 11 floors are “fake”. No units at all 0.O

AHHHHHHHH where’s my cat?! I had it since it was a kitten. Feel so empty without whole day at home involves him!


  • Go to shower, pet melon.
  • Out of shower, pet melon.
  • Leave house, block Melon from his exploring ways, say goodbye to Melon.


  • Open door, let Melon roll around outside whilst I fill his food bowl (if Mom didnt already do it)
  • Before I grab dinner, get Melon back in the house.
  • After dinner, lay down on couch. Melon sits on my lap, falls asleep whilst I watch TV or do work.
  • Before I sleep, play with Melon and pet her again before I sleep.

Honestly, if this is what it feels like to be a parent, I cant imagine having a missing child. I dont want anymore pets after Melon 😦 😦

Please, if you guys happen to be around Blk 200+ Tampines Street 21 and you see a cat with this description:

1. Male

2. Fur – Orange and White

3. No collar

4. Drooping Stomach

5. Tail bent at the tip

6. Brown/Orange eyes

IT’S MELON!!! Please cóntact me okay –

I’m gonna put up a lot of posters along lift landings around my estate too so hopefull, someone spots him 😦

8 Responses to “The Case Of My Missing Cat -Melon”
  1. Churl says:

    Hey babe,

    Sorry to hear about Melon 😦 I emailed my Tampines dwelling friends about him. I hope you find him soon.

  2. Rach says:

    So sorry to hear about this. Hope that Melon can return safely back to you very soon.

  3. Pea says:

    Hi Anto,

    I really feel for you. Hearing you talk abt Melon tears at me in a way i believe now…unfortunately you might be able to understand.

    The day i found out Kiki (my sweet baby boy kitteh) had fell out of my window, i told no one and would just sit at home crying to myself. Even now, i’m all teared up thinking abt him.

    The truth is that you feel this way cause you were his parent in a way. For me, i felt like i was responsible for Kiki’s life and i was responsible for him falling out my window. Even till now.. 😦

    I still miss Kiki alot and i hope you find him soon Anto. Praying for you!

    • Shit Peasies…why didnt u tell anyone? you’d know we’d support you 😦

      yeah i felt solely responsible for melon la..cos we didnt spay it so it pees EVERYWHERE. Doesnt help that my mom hates him but my home life, revolved more around him 😦

      At least you know what happened to Kiki, I feel helpless man..i dont even know where he is, does he have food, is he being abused, is someone taking care of him, did SPCA/AVA cull him and dont wanna tell me..

      So many thoughts in my head..all i can do is walk around the estate at night looking for him and putting up the posters that got torned down.



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  1. […] with my regular exercise of looking for my missing cat, I can climb a whole 11 storey block in 30-40 mins! Hah..aye i think it’s pretty […]

  2. […] with my regular exercise of looking for my missing cat, I can climb a whole 11 storey block in 30-40 mins! Hah..aye i think it’s pretty […]

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