Email From Lecturer..You Basicly Wasted Our Time

Hello friends,

I am pissed..i dont think I deserve this kind of attitude. Not when I appealed for my grades nicely and got barely any response for a period of time.

Then, the representative made me go around looking for diff guidelines on how to appeal (since affiliate school) and  when I finally sent it, NO RESPONSE FOR A PERIOD OF TIME.

This is what the lecturer said:


I understand your appeal period is over (anto: it’s over cos u took so long to reply) but out of goodwill, I have asked for permission to review your exam grade. This permission was granted to me last week.

I reviewed your grade in the presence of school rep as well as exam unit rep.  All three of us sacrificed our time to do so as we met during lunchtime.

Exam rep can confirm that there is no error in the calculation of your grade, which is all that you are entitled to check. The three section marks did add up to the total exam marks as reflected in the official marksheet.

However, as your lecturer, I did something extra. With the permission of exam rep and, again, in the presence of school rep, I went through every single part of your exam script for the three sections. I regret to inform you that I do not agree with your statement that you “studied enough to attain an overall DI grade”. Your script was filled with mistakes and incoherence. To state one glaring example, you can’t even get the name of the key theory for Section C, which is the Theory of Reasoned Action, correct. I shall not bore you with your other mistakes.

I had honestly wished that you really had done well and that there really had been a mistake somewhere in the script. But what the entire episode showed is that you have wasted the time of three helpful staff as it only showed that your exam performance was anything but what you have claimed.


Blah Blah Blah


Was this necessary?? You made me chase you to reply u know..then kena this kind of  response?!

9 Responses to “Email From Lecturer..You Basicly Wasted Our Time”
  1. Fera says:

    OMG SO ANNOYING ONE! Who’s this lecturer sia. Why is he so obnoxious. My god. I read it and I feel like giving him one tight slap. Hope all is well with the grades anyways babe…KARMA to him one day.

  2. I dont seriously if u saw the email threads, ive been chasing like mad man.

    You wonder why i didnt meet the lead time..and i dont think one wrong theory name caused a drop in my grade la, i got distinction so far for the projects then EXAM = Credit. Heart pain man..


  3. Reka says:

    I FEEL YOU!! completely

  4. cheryl says:

    OMG THAT M*****F****** LECTURER!!! What a bloody ass! Seriously this lecturer deserves a bitchslap. Karma… this lecturer will get karma babe..

  5. steph says:

    what the hell?!

    seriously. you should complain. no matter what, no one should be giving you this attitude. you’re paying HIM/HER.

    this is crazy and ridiculous.

  6. ztvkbzpi says:

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