Quickie Post: The Mahjong Study Session

Hahah yes…we got bored of studying after a while okay. You have no idea how much part-time students DREAD studying when you already hold a full-time job.

Disclaimer: If you’re a part-time student and dont dread it..good for you, be a scholar 🙂

I have a marketing exam this Friday and his notes are CRAP. Gone are the days where answers were part of your lecture notes.

So as a treat to ourselves, and after much pestering from Reka, we played Mahjong.

<img title="Mahjong with the girls

I would have died without the translations

The Winner - Reka Sadogopal BEATS Joyce Peh in Mahjong

Okay la..if some of your reading this are foreign to Mahjong, play it online for free by clicking here but dont play the Solitaire version for beginners. That one confuses the heck out of me..

2 Responses to “Quickie Post: The Mahjong Study Session”
  1. Rach says:

    You are so cool la. It’s rare to find a non-chinese who knows Mahjong.

  2. really??? a lot of my friends play who are non-chinese..ehh we have mahjong session?! i need to practice

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