The Twilight Saga Continues: Eclipse Movie

Okay…amongst all four of the Twilight saga books, Eclipse is my FAVOURITE. 


Those of you who read it, you’d know what I mean because Book 3 and Book 4 were the most intense. Those of you who are following the movie only, well not sure if it’s a spoiler or not but someone’s creating an army of vampires. 

SOMEONE…I think you know her. 

Sooo…plot aside, the acting still sucks from the main 2 cast members. Dakota Fanning as usual does a brilliant job at being the villain.  

And Taylor Lautner…is Taylor Lautner. You’re not really watching the movie to appreciate his acting skills are you? 


No!! You wanna just look at that BODY. 


All of their bodies!!! Heheh im such a perve. The dude who plays “Embry” is not bad looking too.. 


Plus, amongst the main 3 characters, Taylor does have better acting skills so you’d wanna watch him more. 

I dont know WHY they casted Robert Pattinson to play Edward.  



I do like this pic though


Edward looked so much hotter in my imagination..think Brad Pitt in Interview With A Vampire or Devon Sawa in Casper when he became human. Such a disappointment but of course…the thousands of Team Edward fans will prove me wrong. 

Team Jacob! Kill Bella! Bloody useless heroine until the last book. 

Well.. I guess Robert would be the only one who would look decently hot when he’s suppose to act as a dead man..he’s already naturally pale.  

****P.S: I want this!!! Only memorabilia I the show and you’d know what I mean. 


Movie Verdict: Overall, this is a weekday or watch online movie.  

Why? Not many effects so you dont need HD quality or a great sound system experience like that of a cinema. If you do decide to watch it in the cinema, book online. 

I watched it in Shaw – Century Square and it was still crowded. 5 rows from the front maximum.. 

Enjoythe eye candy 🙂 


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  1. evengrace says:

    this is so true!ilovethis

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