Singapore Flood = Dirt, Chaos And A Very Cold Anto

I know the news of the second flood is getting a bit stale now from last week but I just gotta share what happened to me la…bloody victim of this second flood some more.

Raining is one thing, FLOOD is another okay.

The rain just kept coming and didnt stop coming until what lunch time then it subsided??!! Not only was it raining like mad (AGAIN), I almost lost my havainnas in the mini milky brown raging river along the main road when I slipped in.

Yes, I fell into that “river” and my havainnas SERIOUSLY went down that river damn fast..I just ran after it and didnt care about traffic.

Not only that, NO CABS!!! Hello Singapore Cab Companies…you better get your company listed onto those iPhone Taxi Apps cos that was THE ONLY WAY I managed to get a cab.

Old-fashioned hotline calling does not work in a crisis I suppose. By the time we got a cab, Audrey and I were completely drenched and frozen in the cab.

Crazy cab uncle was BLASTING his aircon too..

This was how drenched I was..

We left the house at 8.45am, no cabs for AGES, reached work at 10am.

This was the rest of Singapore after everyone shared on Stomp. Orchard wasn’t affected anymore but Dunearn Road and Dempsey were!

Orchard in the first flood

Dempsey: Tree fell and blocked the whole area

Now that Seletar has that new water park thingum, PM is now saying we cant expect Singapore to be flood-free. That is true but we are suppose to have the highest quality drainage system in the world according to the professionals.

What happened there??

It’s either the quality is going down and someone aint doing their job OR too much construction is happening that’s screwing up our drainage systems.


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