My iPhone Took An Impromptu Holiday

Sucks ass 😦

My iPhone has joined Audrey in Shanghai by accident.

She’s going there for training and had a caller from my phone to wish her well. BOTH OF US FORGOT THE PHONE WAS WITH HER…and now, my phone is in Shanghai for almost 5 weeks.

If only you could fly back to me….like this:

HAHAHHAHAHHA i wish…oh well.

Audrey managed to get a very nice SQ steward to bring it back to Singapore on his flight back (Monday 1am, goodness).

Although it is latest 1am flight, I AM GETTING  MY BABY BACK!!! My phone, my camera, my mp3, my mobile twitter and Facebook etc..all in 1 phone okay! My only other true companion.

I will only rejoice properly once this dude really gives me my phone back.

Until tomorrow, I will feel “naked.”

2 Responses to “My iPhone Took An Impromptu Holiday”
  1. Fera says:

    I AM SO SORRY FOR MAKING THAT CALL! 😦 But yayy you’re gonna get it back! Hehe.

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