The Date Outdoors: Common Enough But Not As Appreciated

I had some well appreciated leave this week ❤

Audrey and I decided to take a day off to just relax and fuel up. I was feeling so out of it this week from being sick and all, I needed to get some drive back.

 This time, I decided to plan a more unconventional date for us. You may think what we did was pretty common and most couples do this anyway.

Darlings, HONESTLY tell me how many of you girls are willing to break a sweat on a date??! Come on.. no hands  up right??!! I can safely say I was part of that category where I would BE DAMN ANNOYED if the date made me tired/sweaty. Somemore I dressed up for you?! What a wasted effort man..could have just worn a tank and shorts.

But after trying it out [and also because I planned it so was mentally prepared 🙂 ] I kinda prefer these dates a lot more.

Here’s what we did: 

1. Headed down to Sentosa for lunch by the beach

Bloody hell…wanted to go to Cafe Del Mar for lunch because of the outdoor area to tan after lunch but it was not even open fully when it SAID on the site it opens at 11am -_-

They even looked like they had some renovations or event setup going on..put up on the site la ppl!!

Oh well no problem. Back Up Plan – WAVEHOUSE was just next door plus we even enjoyed a 30% discount from our Manhattan card.

These were one of the best frozen strawberry margaritas Ive had!!

1. It didnt freaking overflow like most places and made a mess

2. Equal mix of alcohol and strawberry puree

I even finished my drink before Audrey which never happens 🙂

The food was pretty good but we should have stopped with the Summer Fresh Caesar salad and pizza. If the appetizer takes as long to prepare as a main course, you know it’s gonna be a big portion.

OMGGG I wanna eat this AGAIN!!! I had the ALL-TIME FAVOURITE ‘WIPEOUT’ PIZZA (thin crust) with beef, pepperoni, chicken ham, chicken bratwurst, pineapple and herbs!

Audrey had the Wavehouse Beef Patties Burger that even had the peanut satay sauce in it. But just look at the width of that patty!

2. Tanning..we both needed it

We almost thought we  couldnt tan because it was so cloudy but it cleared EVENTUALLY.

Nice ah her bikini!!! She remade it for me like the BCBG Max Azria  plus she didnt bring her bikini that day.


3. Luge and Sky Rides

Bloody annoying Singaporeans…People like THESE below take kiasu to the next level. They formed a mini barricade at the helmet drop-off so they could get the next one.

It was empty..You wanna get what I ask you?!! 

And just look at the queue….TURN OFF man. We ended up not taking the second luge route because of the queues.

This was how high up we were in the Sky ride..

I never tried luge rides ever since it looked slow but looks were deceiving man. It actually went REALLY FAST.

Oh and I went to Victoria Secret and it was not worth it so no photos up. The local store didn’t have many things in the so Ill stick to ordering online.

We did walk around the Resorts World Sentosa hotels though…HUGE LIFT AREAS.

4. Went for a massage and ear candling.

Hehehe we were tired so brought her to the massage place – D’Lookz:  The Revival across my house. You wanna know more about the place, click here.

They have pretty decent Hot Stone and Hot Herbal Compress Massages for a heartland spa.

5. Watched a play

Full Monty finally opened! Been hearing a lot about it so brought Audrey for the debut show.

PLEASE GO AND WATCH IT…it’s so funny and worth the cash to pay a bit more for better seats. They did do the full monty BY THE WAY 😉

6. Time for some drinks at BEERFEST 2010

Hahahaha okay fine..those of you reading this and know me, KNOWS beer makes me sleepy. 1 glass and I am ready for bed but Audrey loves beer and her friends were working at the Beerfest VIP tent (I think) so we went to show some love.

There were soo many booths apparently this year and I am now in love with LYCHEE BEER from Taiwan!

Taiwan Beer Stall - lychee, honeydew and pineapple beers ❤

 It tastes more like lychee soda and just look at the cartoon on the label.

They even had live band performances in one of the huge tents but look at the mess after…

So that concludes the date…think we left at about 2am and our day started at 11am? Pretty good job if I do say so myself 😉

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