I am not pregnant, I am bloated

I cannot believe this man..

Not only am I gaining more weight, I have BLOATEDNESS. I was in the lift and LOOK AT MY STOMACH!! The pic is blur but you can still see the stomach.

This was at 4pm ah..My lunch has subsided already -_-

I LOOK 2 MONTHS PREGNANT. My most critical commentor – my cousin who temp(ed) at my office. haha…first thing she said was I looked pregnant.

I had to buy Weisen U to get those gasses out of me!

It actually worked… but not to the benefit of others. Hehehehe 😀

I dont know why I keep getting bloated after every meal. I hope it’s not irritable bowel syndrome 😦 I was sick on Tuesday so saw a doctor for my fever, flu and the constant bloatedness too.

It’s apparently a problem where I am eating too many kinds of acidic food which makes me bloated e.g. spicy food, salty food etc. But that’s the only food I eat what…then what STARVE is it ???!

I need to change my diet to include lesser spicy and salty food. I am now in a mid-life crisis 😦

When will this body be mine??!! Not skinny…just toned?!! I can lose all the weight in the world but bloating will be an issue preventing me from you *stretches out my hand longingly*

If you are also experiencing stomach bloating, my poor friend, I hear you…

Click on the links below for some tips to get rid of it. I am using pills from the doctor but no harm trying other methods 🙂

1. Tips To Relieve Bloated Stomach : Click Here

2. Causes of Bloating and Suggestions to Improve : Click Here 

4 Responses to “I am not pregnant, I am bloated”
  1. Rachel says:

    I have bloatedness once in a while too, esp during that time of the month. Drink ginger tea or ginger honey. It helps to purge the ‘gas’ out.

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