Begone Pigmentation: L’Oreal UV Perfect Protection Fluid SPF 50

I hated using sunblocks or sunscreens.

It’s so oily, made me smell like coconut and made me sad that I couldnt go swimming after school.

When I was in Primary school, my mom bathed me in sunblock before I headed out because it’s really hot here and since we’re along the Equator, the UV rays are a lot  more direct.

She kept using herself as an example for having bad pigmentation made worse by the UV rays and NEVER left home without her massive umbrella 🙂

Now,  at 22 and definitely feeling the effects of the sun, I am glad to say I found a sunscreen light enought to use daily!

Meet..L’Oreal UV Perfect Ultimate Protection Fluid with Mexoryl XL SPF 50/PA+++

HAHAHAHA yes I am that kiasu okay, I only want the sunscreen in SPF 50!! Guarantee those  bad boy UV Rays cant get to me!!

Eh I am serious…I have bad acne and the scars seem to have darken because of the bad weather we’ve been getting here. So, my friends,  I have made a conscious effort and tried out this sunscreen.

Here’s what so chemically good about it from the L’Oreal site:

The L’Oréal Laboratories have created UV PERFECT, enriched with Mexoryl™ SX + XL filters and Activa-Cell™.

Tailor made to protect your skin from the harmful Australian sun, the patented filtration system of Mexoryl™ SX and XL provides optimal UVB and reinforced UVA protection. This immediate and lasting photostable protection helps protect your skin against the sun’s harmful rays, premature skin ageing and the development of brown spots.

Activa-Cell™ helps shield elastin and collagen fibres from breaking down and reinforces the fight against the visible effects of photo-ageing

It comes in 3 colours – SPF 30 white (which comes out clear), SPF 50 tinted brown (anti-dullness) and green (anti-redness) 

Okay, this is what I REALLY like about it:

1. It’s a great make up base.

I normally use MAC’s tinted make up base. This is great cos it still holds my liquid foundation all day for 12 hours 🙂 

2. Save my $$$$$$

Now that I got this as a daily make up base, I use my MAC make up base only at night so I dont have to buy it as often.

3. Looks Are Deceiving

The bottle was so small I thought I would use it up in 1 week man. That amount on my hand is enough to spread at least half of my face! Shocker 0.O

I recommend to use it on your face AND neck…unless you want your neck to be a different colour or have a flawless face but wrinkly neck. That would be tragic 😦

***It’s available in all Watsons and leading personal care stores so far.

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