Toilet Ephiphany: There’s Really No Point In Being Nice

Disclaimer: Yeah..this is going to be a bit of a depressing post. A first for me so just bare with me whilst I pen my thoughts.

I was bathing the other day and had a genuine ephiphany to an old theory. You see, I was one of those people who believed the world CAN be changed with one simple act of goodness per person.

We tell ourselves this is how the world is it still the same in reality?

So, even if I was dead tired and had a bunch of things to do, I would still find the time to help people if they needed it. Because I simply thought “If that were me and I genuinely needed help, I would want someone to help me too.”

Well, I am throwing this theory out the door..I had enough with it. Where has it gotten me?

Let me summarize the series of events that led to this realisation:

1. Give up seat in the train to elderly/pregnant/disabled people: Not only do they subtly push you out of the way, some will step on your toes and will not say thank you.

Result: Irritated feeling – semi-spoilt morning train ride

2. Help a relative pack and move into their new home: Since you are SO HELPFUL, they get complacent and let you do everything whilst they relax. And when you are renovating, they DO NOT help you as much as you helped them. More often than not, they are watching TV whilst you are packing.

Result: FUCKING ANNOYED FEELING on a nice Sunday afternoon. Might as well, DON’T COME.

3. Work – Related: Relax some rules to help in achieving success : Some expect this to occur all the time and make a fuss if it doesnt.  If something goes wrong due to such a rush (despite informing in advance), they will do their best to BLAME IT ON YOU.

Result: Feelings of revenge and approx 4 hours of anger from the time it started. Time wasted in digging up emails of evidence to prove your case.

4. Helping on an improptu arts project: Went out of your way to buy the missing paint needed, didnt ask for the money back and offered to paint the project yourself. No deadline stipulated but aim was shared that it would be that weekend itself.

Since no deadline was stipulated, person A  told a few people that it was not done on time and Person A could have done other things. Once again, no thank you once it was done within that weekend itself.

Result: Feelings of not being appreciated that lasted the rest of the day and Sunday afternoon wasted.

5. The people that you treasure and will never offend: They call you fat, tell you that you are competing in a fatness competition, put a mirror under your thighs so that you could see YOUR cellulite in case you cant see it

All of this were meant as a passing casual comment.

You find out some older relatives have backstabbed you and spread rumours about you being crazy ( Me, crazy -_-). Hello…I heard you were sleeping around but I made sure that rumour stopped at me. BITCH.

Result: Anger the whole day and wondering why you were ever nice or cared to begin with.


So you see my friends, there is really no point in being nice based on the few examples above…and I am sure there are many more in the world. This is so cliche but the world is truly UGLY with everyone competing to bring others down for their own success or pleasure.

All I can say is, I got my fair share of karma points already so I am kinda happy with that. And besides,  I dont have to punish you.




6 Responses to “Toilet Ephiphany: There’s Really No Point In Being Nice”
  1. Rach says:

    First of all, big hug to you sweetie. Sorry to hear that you’ve encounter some people/events are are unfair to you.

    As you’ve said God will ‘punish’ them. We store up treasures in heaven for ourselves if we are nice. So ignore them. Those ppl, if they ever get to heaven, they have a shabby hut to live in.

    You, being such an angel, I know you will continue to be nice. Muacks. Hope your day is good and the coming weekend be great for you. Cheers.

    • Aww thanks babe 🙂

      Yeah..i will still be civil at least but I kinda doubt I will go out of the way like I used to again.

      Hope you have a great weekend too..It’s almost here 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    Hey hey…. don’t let the world get you down k. You will meet the nice ones too so don’t change who you are okay 🙂 Let the rotten ones go on and manifest but don’t join them.

  3. Personal Jesus says:

    Well, god says you need to make new acquaintances and put the rest in the junk folder

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