The Ultimate Summer 2010 Make Up Tips

Im going for a Bintan trip pretty soon!!! Wahhahahha!! YES FINALLY ON (another) HOLIDAY..

Yes, I admit I like to treat myself to a mini spa or holiday retreat once in a keeps me sane 🙂 Singaporeans and corporate sluggers alike, if you are sick of the usual resort and want something a bit more kampong-style, try Nirwana Beach Club.  

It’s been rated 4 out of 5 stars by for best locations of 2010 and Ive been there before so trust me, IT’S WORTH IT. Just look at the images below:

 So anyway, whilst thinking of my holiday, I wanted to look good too right? I love the make up tutorials done by Panacea81 on youtube. For the life of me, I do not know her name, I dont see it in the information of the videos but she’s really damn good.

And she uses MAC Greasepaint Sticks..Wooo!! Much ❤

Enjoy the eye shadow play darlins…have fun 🙂


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