Vesak Day Holiday = Long Weekend!!

Hello darlings…sorry for not been blogging that often recently.

My week has been so packed with work, school, renovation decisions,’s a highlight of  my week so far:

1. Friday – Vesak Day and Spa Treat

Yes….. NO WORK! For those of you who dont know about Vesak Day, it’s a Buddhist holiday which means “Enlightenment”. Everyone in Singapore celebrates it so we rushed work like mad to leave earlier if possible on Thursday.

My mom and I wanted to go for a spa holiday in Bintan but a bit last minute and there will be too many Singaporeans. Angsana Spa Resort – Bintan will just have to wait 😦 

So we ended up at D’Lookz The Revival…RIGHT ACROSS MY BLOCK.

HAHAHAH yes…I tell you, I am starting to love all these heartland spas because I can walk around without make up once I am done.

I did green tea ear candling and a chocolate candle wax”drainage” massage which was not too least ear candling also came with a head and shoulder massage.

Compared to the hundreds we would have paid to go to Bintan (plus extra during peak period), we only spent about $200 + for 2 people 🙂

Check Out The Heartland Spa Here : D’Lookz The Revival FB Page

Saturday – Renovation Decisions and Uncle’s Party

So many things to think off..we’re having a major renovation at my place. I have the master bedroom cos I got too much junk and was thinking of redoing the bathroom too!

Followed Audrey and her dad to this tiling place at Woodlands..the tiles were damn cheap! e.g. SGD $50 per square metre??!!

Here are some examples I was looking at:

I LOVE THE STONES!!!! And add a rain showerhead 😀 😀 😀

Okay excuse the blur pic but I really liked this one cos it looked like I was walking on the ocean..but it’s so much more expensive 😦 One box of mosaic tiles which ends up only being 8 normal floor tiles is SGD $300.00. Heart dropped..

Need to reconsider my options now…

After all that, I had my uncle’s party at night at one of those big bungalow chalets along elias road..

So much food from the BBQ!!!

Sunday – Mom’s Dance Performance and Church Flea Market/Fun Fair

My mom’s so cute..she loves dancing even more than I do so went to support her first big performance.

Line Dance Performance 🙂

The church I go to has pretty good food/fun fairs and it’s ALL HOME-COOKED FOOD!! Heaven!!! So many Eurasian dishes some more..

The fleas are pretty bad but once in a while you spot a good vintage piece..I found one again this time. A brown vintage file bag.


Will put up the pic soon darlin’s…

7 Responses to “Vesak Day Holiday = Long Weekend!!”
  1. marina says:

    ur mom is so VOGUE!

  2. Rach says:

    your mama is so happening!

  3. hey whats your myspace page.

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